PetWant F11-L Automata állateledel-adagoló
PetWant F11-L Automata állateledel-adagoló
26 190 Ft

PetWant F11-L Automata állateledel-adagoló

PetWant F11-L Automata állateledel-adagoló
Szállítási idő
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Raktáron: 24 db
26 190 Ft
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24 db
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Automatic food dispenser PetWant F11-L

Take care of your pet's proper nutrition and be sure that it will always have access to fresh, healthy food. The PetWant F11-L automatic food dispenser is equipped with a large, 4.5-liter tank where you can put dry or freeze-dried food. The device also allows you to program feeding schedules and is very easy to clean. You'll power it 2 ways - with an adapter or with 3 D-size batteries.


Reliable performance

With PetWant, you don't have to worry that your pet won't get its portion of food on time. A powerful DC motor and a patented mechanism with a specially designed rotor are responsible for the reliable operation of the F11-L dispenser. The solutions used prevent jamming and blocking of the device. What's more, the product works very quietly - don't be afraid that the annoying noise will disturb your rest or frighten your pet!


Capacious food tank

The dispenser is equipped with a large food tank - its capacity is as much as 4.5 liters. This means you don't have to refill it too often! You can also easily put both dry and freeze-dried food in it. Now you can easily make sure that your pet has access to his favorite treats!


Always fresh food

Don't worry that the food stored in the dispenser will spoil. The dispenser's food reservoir is distinguished by its extremely airtight design and has been equipped with a triple seal to keep food fresh for longer. You can also use the moisture absorber, which will prevent the proliferation of bacteria and thus food spoilage. It will also prevent unpleasant odors.


Improved design

Cleaning the dispenser will not cause you any problem - you can easily disassemble it to wash the individual components. The device is also equipped with a practical, transparent lid, so you can look inside at any time and check how much food is left in the container. An additional advantage of the product is the 304 stainless steel bowl, which is completely safe for pets.


2 ways to power it

The included adapter is used to power the dispenser. However, you don't have to worry that if the power goes out, your pet won't get its portion of food! Or you can power the dispenser with 3 D-size batteries (not included) - they will provide a long operating time of up to 45 days. Be prepared for any circumstance and be sure that your pet will get healthy, fresh food regardless of the situation!


Plan feeding schedules

Want to automate the dispenser's operation? No problem - the device is equipped with an easy-to-read LED screen and several buttons, with which you can, for example, create a feeding schedule, adjusting the number of meals and portion size to your pet's needs (maximum of 4 meals and 10 portions). The F11-L also has a built-in speaker and microphone. If you want, record when you call your pet or give him a command so you can conveniently play back the recording later!



  • Food dispenser
  • Food bowl
  • Power adapter
  • Moisture absorber
  • User manual
ColorGray + white
Tank capacity4.5 l
FeedDry and freeze-dried food, 5-15 mm
Power supplyDC 5 V / 1 A adapter or 3x D-size battery
Rated voltageDC 5 V
Rated power0,5 W
Operating temperatureFrom 5°C to 50°C
Dimensions317 x 240 x 370 mm
Weight2.6 kg
PurposeFor cats and small dogs

Gyártói cikkszám:
3,726 kg/db