Havit KB866L Membrános gamer billentyűzet RGB
Havit KB866L Membrános gamer billentyűzet RGB
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Havit KB866L Membrános gamer billentyűzet RGB

Havit KB866L Membrános játékbillentyűzet RGB
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Kezdete: 2023.11.29   Vége: 2023.12.05
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2 990 Ft
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Havit KB866L gaming keyboard

Now you can play games, work and browse the Internet even more comfortably. The Havit KB866L multifunction keyboard is equipped with practical multimedia keys that provide quick and easy access to a wide variety of computer functions. The ergonomic design of the device provides unparalleled comfort of use, and the colorful backlighting gives it an intriguing gaming character.

Practical multimedia keys - even easier to use

Easy your life when playing games or surfing the Internet. The built-in multimedia buttons allow you to operate several basic functions quickly. For example, you can conveniently pause or resume music, adjust the volume or mute the speakers completely. See what else you can do!

Created for your convenience

Like to play games for long hours? With the Havit KB866L keyboard, you don't have to worry about fatigue or wrist pain! The product was designed in such a way as to provide you with the comfort you dream of. Now you can easily defeat your opponents and beat new records for as long as you want!

Color backlight

This unique keyboard will not only facilitate your gameplay, but also decorate your desk fantastically. The product attracts attention with its modern, gaming design. Colorful backlighting gives it a unique character. Do you want more? Specific function buttons allow you to conveniently turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness and choose effects. Breathing or lasting backlighting will certainly appeal to many users!

Brand Havit
Model KB866L
Interface USB
Dimensions 462x147x29mm
Key number 104
Operating voltage 5V
Operating current ?300mA
Key life About 5,000,000 times
Cable length 1.4m

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