Okosóra Colmi i20 (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi i20 (fekete)
14 990 Ft 
12 990 Ft

Okosóra Colmi i20 (fekete)

Okosóra Colmi i20 (fekete)
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Kezdete: 2023.11.29   Vége: 2023.12.05
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12 990 Ft
14 990 Ft 

Colmi i20 smartwatch (black)

This handy smartwatch will improve the comfort of your life. Colmi i20 weighs only about 50 g and its large touch screen provides easy access to the most important information and functions. A number of sports modes will make it easier to take care of your fitness, and sleep or heart rate monitoring will help you monitor your health. Functions such as alarm and app notifications will be useful in everyday life. Long battery life of 7 days, water resistance and modern design are additional advantages.

Comfortable operation

The Colmi i20 smartwatch is equipped with a 1.32-inch 2.5D display with a resolution of 360 x 360 px. The large screen with rounded corners guarantees comfortable access to information, but also comfortable operation of the smartwatch. It was covered with tempered glass, so you do not have to worry about scratching or damaging it. What is important, you can replace the watch face and adjust it to your preferences.

Caring for your health

Colmi i20 makes it easy for you to monitor your health. It is equipped with a sleep monitoring function that will help you develop good habits and help you increase the quality of your sleep. What is more, the smartwatch monitors heart rate and blood pressure, so you can quickly respond to alarming changes.

For the active

Do you do a lot of sport? Or do you want to improve your fitness? The Colmi i20 smartwatch offers up to 19 sport modes to help you plan your workout and provide information about your steps, calories burned or distance covered. Choose from soccer, cycling, volleyball, walking, basketball, running or tennis - there's something for everyone.

The perfect companion for every day

The Colmi i20 smartwatch offers many practical functions for everyday use. You can, for example, set an alarm so as not to forget an important meeting, or check the weather. In addition, the smartwatch will notify you of incoming calls or notifications from various apps, it also offers a call log, watch finder function and music control.

Long battery life

The 280 mAh battery is responsible for the long battery life of the Colmi i20 smartwatch. The smart watch can work for 7 days and in standby for up to 30 days. The included magnetic cable allows you to conveniently renew the energy of the smartwatch.

Lightweight and handy

The silicon strap of the watch has adjustable length (140-230 mm), so you can easily adjust it to your needs. The low weight of the smartwatch (51 g) and water resistance to IP67 level also contribute to high comfort of use, so you do not have to worry about rain or drops of sweat. Do you value originality? Take advantage of interchangeable watch dials or create your own.


  • Smartwatch
  • Magnetic cable
  • User manual
Manufacturer Colmi
Model i20
Display 1,32″, IPS, 360 x 360 px
Display protection Tempered glass
Chip Realtek RTL8762DT, JieLi HN333
Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Charging Magnetic cable
Battery Capacity 280 mAh
Charging time Approx. 2.5 h
Operating time Approx. 7 days
Operating time in standby mode Approx. 30 days
Material Aluminum alloy
Weight Approx 51 g
Strap Silicone, detachable
Dimensions 45 x 45 x 10.5 mm
Strap width 10 mm
Color Black
Water resistance IP67
Supported systems iOS 9.0 (or later), Android 4.4 (or later)
App FitCloudPro
Supported languages

Smartwatch: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian.

Application: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Persian, Thai, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, Korean.

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i20 Black
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