Catlink Pro-X Luxury Okos öntisztító macskatoalett (extra funkciókkal)
Catlink Pro-X Luxury Okos öntisztító macskatoalett (extra funkciókkal)
225 890 Ft

Catlink Pro-X Luxury Okos öntisztító macskatoalett (extra funkciókkal)

Catlink Pro-X Luxury Okos öntisztító macskatoalett (extra funkciókkal)
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Raktáron: 11 db
225 890 Ft
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11 db
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Catlink Pro-X Luxury Version intelligent self-cleaning cat litter box.

You no longer have to waste time cleaning up after your cat. The Catlink Pro-X Luxury Version smart cat litter box will automatically clean the litter box in just a few moments. It allows you to choose from 4 modes and is completely safe for your pet. It features a large dirt container with a capacity of up to 13 liters, and a 3-layer deodorization and sterilization system will take care of cleanliness. With the help of the Catlink app, you can conveniently control the litter box remotely, as well as receive helpful notifications or access reports on your cat's health. 


Choose from 4 modes of operation

Adjust the operation of the litter box to your expectations. The device offers up to 4 modes of operation, which you can conveniently change using the app or a dedicated button. Manul mode will allow you to start and stop the litter box manually, while you can use the Timer to set its operating hours. Do you want the litter box to automatically start cleaning after a certain amount of time after your cat uses it? Choose Auto mode and decide for yourself after what time the cleaning will start (1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 30 minutes). Empty mode allows you to empty the litter container with the push of a button.


Created with convenience in mind

The product is distinguished by its carefully thought-out design. The litter box will easily be used by both smaller and larger cats - it is perfect for cats weighing from 1.5 kg to 10 kg. It is also equipped with a light, which helps pets use the device at night. Emptying is extremely easy and fast.


Efficient cleaning

The device allows efficient cleaning in a short period of time, which, if you have more cats, will ensure that none of them will have to wait too long for their turn. The litter box uses an advanced filtration system to effectively separate dirt. In turn, the 3-layer intelligent deodorization and sterilization system will take care of the pleasant smell 24 hours a day. The waste container has a capacity of as much as 13 liters, so you can easily empty it only once every even two weeks.


No worries about your pet's safety

The Catlink Pro-X Luxury Version smart litter box is fully safe for pets. The multi-level protection system means you don't have to worry about anything happening to your cat while using the litter box. Precise sensors reliably detect the presence of your pet. What this means. If your cat enters the litter box while it is being cleaned, its operation will be instantly interrupted. You also don't have to worry about the litter box tipping over - it's designed to minimize the risk of it tipping over.


Get more features with the app

Want access to even more features? Take advantage of the dedicated Catlink app! The app will allow you to conveniently manage your litter box from your smartphone or tablet. Among other things, it allows you to turn the device on and off, change modes, and monitor your pet's health reports. What's more, it's possible to share the device on the app with multiple users, so the rest of the household can also manage the litter box remotely!


It will notify you when you need to refill the litter.

Worried about forgetting to refill the litter box with litter? Don't be! The app will immediately notify you when the litter level is low and how full the litter box is. In addition, it records every use of the litter box by your cat, recording its weight and the time it takes to settle its needs. This allows you to learn about your pet's habits and take even better care of its health - just check the report for the last 24 hours, 7 days or 12 months. The litter box is also equipped with special sensors that allow you to monitor temperature and humidity.



Rated voltage12V / 2A
Intended useCats weighing 1.5~10 kg
Tank capacity13 l
Operating modesManual, Auto, Timer, Empty

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13 l
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