Superfire HL76 fejlámpa, 210lm, USB-C
Superfire HL76 fejlámpa, 210lm, USB-C
6 690 Ft

Superfire HL76 fejlámpa, 210lm, USB-C

Superfire HL76 fejlámpa, 210lm, USB-C
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6 690 Ft

Superfire HL76 headlamp flashlight

Take the Superfire flashlight on an evening hike. The HL76 is distinguished by its lightweight design, which translates into comfort. What's more, you'll customize its performance with several modes to choose from, and charging will be facilitated by the USB-C port. In addition, the motion sensor will make it easy to use, and the LED indicator will let you know the status of the battery.

Customize its operation to suit your needs

The flashlight offers 5 modes, so you can customize its operation. Choose between low/high LED light, white/red COB light and red COB strobe.

2 types of light

HL76 has 2 light sources: LED and COB. The former will work well for lighting a larger area. It stands out with a brightness of 210 lumens and a lighting range of up to 60 meters. The COB LED, on the other hand, generates a brightness of 200 lumens, and the lighting range is 30 m. It will therefore be suitable for shorter distances.

Comfort of use

The flashlight is equipped with a motion sensor, so you can easily turn it on - just bring your hand closer to it. In addition, you can use two switches with which you can also turn the HL76 on/off. What's more, its lightweight design makes it comfortable to use - the flashlight weighs just 82 g, and the band is adjustable.

Convenient charging

The device can run on a single charge for about 6.5 h, and you'll charge it with the included USB-C cable in about 3 h. In addition, a dedicated indicator will let you know the status of the battery, informing you of the charging process and a fully charged flashlight.


  • flashlight
  • USB-C charging cable
Power5 W
Battery capacity1200 mAh
Charging portUSB-C
MaterialABS, PC, rubber
Dimensions21 x 35 x 310 mm
Illumination rangeLED: 60 m, COB: 200 lm
Operating timeLED: approx. 6h, COB: approx. 6.5h
Operation modesLED: low/high brightness, COB: white/red light, red strobe
Weight82 g
Charging timeapprox. 3 h
Drop resistance1 m

Gyártói cikkszám:
150 g/db.