Superfire GT60 zseblámpa, 2600lm, USB-C
Superfire GT60 zseblámpa, 2600lm, USB-C
14 090 Ft

Superfire GT60 zseblámpa, 2600lm, USB-C

Superfire GT60 zseblámpa, 2600lm, USB-C
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14 090 Ft

Superfire GT60 Flashlight

Walking, camping, hiking - in these and similar situations you will need the Superfire flashlight. Equipped with a durable battery provides up to 7 hours of operation, it also has a rear light so you can be seen from different perspectives. You can use it in the rain or even in winter, it is protected by IP34 water resistance level. It is made of aluminum alloy, so it is durable and lightweight, and its ergonomic design provides a firm grip and does not slip out of your hand.

It works the way you want it to

The GT60 features 2600 lumens and a P90 chip, responsible for detecting the increase in intensity and automatically increasing the brightness. It has 2 modes: focused and diffused light, which you can use according to your needs.

Reliable in almost any situation

Light can be used almost anywhere. You can successfully take it with you on a camping trip, in the mountains, etc. The battery with a capacity of 8100 mAh provides about 7 hours of work, and you can charge it using a cable with a USB-C port. A blue indicator will let you know when the battery is low. Moreover, there is an additional light on the other side of the GT60 for better visibility after dark. Meanwhile, its ergonomic design and rough finish provide stability and prevent the flashlight from slipping from your hand.


The flashlight is IP34 rated to withstand elements such as rain, snow and low temperatures. This means you can use it in adverse weather conditions without worrying about damaging it.


Superfire has conducted numerous studies which show that the built-in rechargeable battery performs better than batteries, forming a stable unit with the circuit and positively affecting the high performance of the flashlight. In addition, with the USB-C port, the device life is longer, charging is faster, and port durability is higher.

Dimensions140 x 52 x 52 mm
Weight400 g
Materialaluminum alloy
Working time420 min (100% light brightness)
Charging methodUSB-C
Beam range33m (front light), 4-6m (rear light)
Battery capacity8100mAh

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453 g/db.