Fénysátor Puluz PU5022 20cm LED, 1100 Lumen
Fénysátor Puluz PU5022 20cm LED, 1100 Lumen
5 290 Ft

Fénysátor Puluz PU5022 20cm LED, 1100 Lumen

Fénysátor Puluz PU5022 20cm LED, 1100 Lumen
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Raktáron: 32 db.
5 290 Ft

Puluz Shutterless tent 20 cm LED PU5022

Experience how simple and fast it is to take perfect photos of objects. The Puluz lighting tent is used to create high-quality, shadow-free photos of a variety of objects. The whole kit is ready to go right out of the box and takes just a few minutes to assemble. It is handy, so we can use it both outdoors and at home or in the office. The product will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. You do not need any additional accessories to create your shots - all you need is your camera or smartphone.


Many benefits

The shadow-free tent features a handy design when folded up, so storage is not a major problem. Assembly of the tent is simple and takes very little time. The tent has no strobe effect, features high brightness and distributes heat very well.



The tent has an opening top cover, so that you can also take photos from above. You will also find photographic backgrounds in different colours in the kit, so you can easily adapt the colour scheme to your specific product.


LED lighting

The built-in LED panels provide the perfect illumination for the tent. The lamps also have the ability to be repositioned, so you can adjust the direction of the light yourself. This way you don't need any additional lamps - everything you need is included!


Easy assembly

The simple and compact design allows the tent to be set up in just a few minutes. The included carrying case makes transporting the tent easy and also protects it from dirt or damage.



  • shadeless tent x1
  • cabling x1
  • photographic background x6 (black, white, green, orange, blue, red)
  • carrying case x1
Model PU5022
Size 20x23x24cm
Number of LED panels 2
Number of LEDs 2x 20
Number of lumens 2x 550lm
Colour of light 6000-6500K
Output power 2x 3.5W
Power supply 5V / micro USB cable

Gyártói cikkszám:
568 g/db.