Precíziós csavarhúzó készlet Hoto QWLSD009, 28 az 1-ben
Precíziós csavarhúzó készlet Hoto QWLSD009, 28 az 1-ben
9 890 Ft

Precíziós csavarhúzó készlet Hoto QWLSD009, 28 az 1-ben

Precíziós csavarhúzó készlet Hoto QWLSD009, 28 az 1-ben
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 280 db
9 890 Ft
Külső Raktár
280 db
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The HOTO brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.


Precision Screwdriver Set Hoto QWLSD009, 28 in 1

HOTO QWLSD009 set includes 28 different precision screwdrivers which are made of high quality S2 steel. Thanks to their ergonomic design they ensure comfort of use even during long time of work, additionally they have built-in magnets which make the use of tools easier. The elements have been placed in a practical, compact case that looks modern and facilitates transport.

Useful in many situations

In the set you will find 28 types of bits from 11 basic types - these include flat, Phillips, triangular, Y-shaped and Torx screwdrivers. These pieces will prove useful in various activities and will make it easier, for example, to repair smartphones, digital cameras, glasses, watches or small toys.

Convenient use

The set includes a special handle for comfortable use of bits. Thanks to the use of aluminum alloy it is exceptionally light, yet surprisingly durable. The built-in magnet makes it easy to install the bits and also makes the bits attract small screws. Noteworthy is also the knurled surface of the handle - thanks to it the product does not slip out of your hand.

Excellent quality

What makes the screwdrivers included in HOTO QWLSD009 set so durable? They are made from high grade S2 steel and have a hardness of 60 HRC. CNC machining was used during their production, which makes the screwdrivers extremely durable and strong. They also stand out for their long service life and are resistant to rusting.

Magnetic case

The bits come in a practical case for easy storage. Thanks to the integrated magnet, they remain in position and you needn't worry about losing them. The case opens up to 115° and makes it easy to remove the bits, and it also has a spring-loaded hinge so you can open and close it easily and conveniently.

Take it with you

HOTO QWLSD009 precision screwdriver set was designed to accompany you almost everywhere. Thanks to the use of aluminum alloy and ABS the case is light and its size is close to the dimensions of a smartphone. So you can easily pack it in your backpack and take it anywhere. The concave bottom will reduce friction and allow you to keep the case clean.

Set includes:

  • Slotted bits: SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, SL3
  • Phillips bits: PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1
  • Pentagon bits: P2, P5, P6
  • Torx: T1, T2, T3, T4
  • Torx with hole: T5H, T6H, T8H, T9H, T10H
  • Hexagon bits: H1.5, H2, H2.5
  • Y-shaped bits: Y0.6
  • W-shaped bits: W1.5
  • Tri-wing: TW1
  • U-shaped bits: U2.6
  • Triangular bits: Δ2.3
Manufacturer HOTO
Name HOTO Precision Screwdriver Kit
Model QWLSD009
Weight Approximately 230 g
Case dimensions 149.5 x 78 x 19.5 mm
Screwdriver dimensions 126.5 x 10.1 x 10.1 mm
Max. torque 2 N⋅m
Material (bits) Steel S2
Available bits C4 x L28 mm
National Standard GB/T 10635-2013

Gyártói cikkszám:
260 g/db