Petoneer Two-Meal Feeder Okos etetőtál hűtéssel
Petoneer Two-Meal Feeder Okos etetőtál hűtéssel
15 790 Ft

Petoneer Two-Meal Feeder Okos etetőtál hűtéssel

Petoneer Two-Meal Feeder Okos etetőtál hűtéssel
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15 790 Ft

Petoneer Smart Two-Meal feeder bowl with cooling insert

Take care of your pet's proper diet. The Petoneer Two-Meal feeder smart bowl has 2 food compartments, so you can put 2 portions in it at the same time. It is suitable for serving both dry and wet food. The included cooling cartridges will keep your meals fresh for longer, and the timer function will allow the bowl lids to open automatically at set times. You will need 4 AA batteries to power the unit.

Balanced diet

Adequate diet is extremely important to the health of your pet. The Two-Meal feeder bowl will help you provide your pet with balanced, healthy meals! The device is perfect for serving crisps, wet food or snacks. It is equipped with 2 compartments with a capacity of 355ml. This means you can, for example, feed your pet his favorite canned food in the morning and give him some delicious treats in the afternoon.

Fresh and healthy food

Wet canned food is not only nutritious and healthy, but it's also soft and easy to chew, making it also good for older or sick pets. What makes the Two-Meal feeder bowl ideal for serving it? The device allows you to keep it fresh for longer - it is very airtight, which means it prevents oxidation and spoilage of the food. What's more, you can place cooling cartridges underneath each food compartment to maintain the optimal temperature.

A portion of food always on time

The bowl offers a smart timer that allows you to set it so its compartments automatically open at specific times. You can create a feeding schedule using the Petoneer app. You can also conveniently operate the device with the built-in LCD screen and several buttons that allow you to change settings, among other things.

Long runtime

With the wireless design, you can place the bowl anywhere - no need to worry about cables or availability of outlets. You will need 4 AA batteries to power the device and it will last up to 120 days. The solution used is also safer for animals. Thanks to it you don't have to worry that your pet will bite through the cable and hurt itself.

Taylored for you and your pet

The product is made of pet-safe PP, which is BPA-free and non-toxic. Its chambers can be easily disassembled and cleaned - not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher. Moreover, there are special non-slip pads on the bottom of the device. Thanks to them the Two-Meal feeder is more stable and does not slip on the floor, which makes it comfortable for your pet to use it.

In the box

  • Smart Two-Meal Feeder
  • Ice pack x2
  • User Manual
Brand Petoneer
Name Two-Meal feeder
Model PF003
Suitable for Cats and small dogs
Number of meals 2 meals a day
Dimensions 300x220x92mm
Material ABS
Capacity 355ml
Power 4x AA 1.5V batteries
Working time Up to 120 days
Connectivity BLE
Working temperature 0-40°C
Storage temperature -10-70°C
Storage humidity 5-75% (no condensation)
App Petoneer

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