Petoneer Fresco Mini Plus Okos itató kutyáknak és macskáknak
Petoneer Fresco Mini Plus Okos itató kutyáknak és macskáknak
15 890 Ft

Petoneer Fresco Mini Plus Okos itató kutyáknak és macskáknak

Petoneer Fresco Mini Plus Okos itató kutyáknak és macskáknak
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 60 db.
15 890 Ft

Water Fountain for pets Petoneer Fresco mini plus

Designed for cats as well as medium and small dogs, the Petoneer smart drinker will ensure you never worry about water purity for your pets again. The 4-stage filtration system and mountain stream-inspired liquid circulation ensure total safety for your pets' health. Control the device with a dedicated app or a practical button. You can also expand the device with additional components, such as a heater, for example.

The dangers of drinking unsterilized water

The water your pets drink may seem pure at first glance. However, if it has not been properly sterilised, it contains a host of dangerous bacteria that often cause unpleasant diseases such as cystitis, urethritis or otitis externa, for example. Protect your pets from similar dangers by giving them only purified water to drink - the Petoneer Fresco Mini drinker will take care of that for you!

Four filtration phases

The Fresco Mini fountain offers a unique 4-stage filtration system. The first stage is the retention of larger particles using a special PP material. This is followed by filtration with a KDF filter, then the water is directed through an activated carbon filter and finally through an ion exchange resin filter. As a result, the fountain makes it possible to give the animals cleaner water, free from germs, debris and unpleasant odours, thus reducing the risk of disease.

Performance inspired by nature

Fresh, clean water that almost immediately calls to mind a mountain stream? The Petoneer Fresco Mini makes it possible! The circulation of liquid in the drinker is designed to best satisfy your pet's thirst and provide incredible refreshment. This makes your pets happy to drink water and to enjoy excellent health.

LED lights

The device is equipped with a window that allows you to check the water level. However, you do not have to do this all the time. Fresco Mini's intelligent sensor will do it for you! Thanks to it, special LEDs will provide you with information about the water level in the container. They will also remind you when it is time to change the filter. This way you can make sure that your pet always has access to a fresh and clean drink without any problems. Don't worry if your memory proves unreliable - the Petoneer Fresco Mini remembers everything for you.

Simple operation - intuitive application

The drinker has been designed in such a way that its operation is quick and intuitive. Just press one button to use its functions. Press once - the device's LED indicator switches on or off. Press and hold - the filter timer will be reset. Want more? Use the Petoneer app to gain remote control of your drinker - you can turn it on or off remotely, adjust it to your preferences, and even create smart scenes.

Clever design

The drinker is characterised by its practical, user-friendly design. With a capacity of 1.9 litres, it can supply your pets with clean water after one filling, even over several days. To conveniently clean the Fresco Mini, simply detach the container. When it is lifted, the power will automatically cut off to protect the unit from short-circuiting due to contact with water. That's not all! The drinker is inclined at a 7° angle, ensuring that your pets can drink comfortably without risking pain or damage to their backs. What's more, non-slip pads ensure the product is stable and the high edges prevent water from spilling.

Extremely quiet

The unit uses a special overhead, low-voltage DC pump. This makes the drinker not only extremely efficient but also exceptionally quiet, thanks to its reduced vibration frequency. As a result, the noise level of the Petoneer Fresco Mini does not exceed 35 dB. Sleep in blissful silence with your beloved pets - unnecessary noise will not disturb your rest.


Want to take even more care of your pet's needs? We have the answer! Fresco Mini drinker has an additional hole in which you can place elements increasing its functionality - a heater or a sterilizer. The first one will come in handy especially on frosty days. Thanks to it your pet will have access to warm water after a long winter walk. The steriliser, on the other hand, eliminates bacteria with an accuracy of up to 99% using UV-C radiation, giving you the assurance that what your furry friends drink is clean and germ-free.

Compatible with the TUYA system

The Petoneer Fresco Mini drinker is based on the TUYA platform. This means that it is compatible with other products that use TuyaSmart. To give you the best user experience, the Petoneer app has also been developed based on the Tuya protocol. This makes it extremely intuitive, easy to use and yet functional, providing you with a range of additional capabilities.


  • Fresco Mini Fountain
  • Filter
Dimensions180 x 175 x 147 mm
Net weight0,75 kg
Power supplyDC 5 V / 1 A
Capacity1,9 L
Rated power≤0,5 W

Gyártói cikkszám:
1,306 kg/db.