Orico szervező kábeltartó, 5 nyílás (fekete)
Orico szervező kábeltartó, 5 nyílás (fekete)
2 790 Ft

Orico szervező kábeltartó, 5 nyílás (fekete)

Orico szervező kábeltartó, 5 nyílás (fekete)
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2 790 Ft

Orico CBS5-BK cable holder

Desk clutter is a thing of the past. The self-adhesive holder by Orico will allow you to optimally organize any space. It allows you to conveniently organize up to 5 cables, providing them with a stable fixation. It is made of environmentally friendly silicone and is extremely durable. It doesn't take much to finally keep things tidy!

Ideal cable organization

No longer do you have to worry about your cables getting tangled or tripping over them.With the Orico organizer you can easily arrange up to 5 cables the way you want and avoid the mess. One small product is all it takes to get your desk in the order you dream of!

Many possibilities

The Orico brand organizer is designed to let you organize many different types of cables. The width of its slots is 5mm. This means that it is ideal for headphone or mouse cables, for example, as well as data, audio and ethernet cables.


Now you can securely attach the organizer to a flat surface of your choice. The Orico product is equipped with double-sided 3M adhesive tape, which allows you to stick it to the wall, desk or table. If necessary, you can also peel off the organizer without risking damage to the tabletop.

The perfect addition to your desk

The holder is made of durable yet flexible silicone. This makes it resistant to wear and tear and various types of damage. It also provides a reliable, stable attachment for cables. And it is really small. Its length is only 96mm - it will not take up too much space on your desk.

Compatible cables diameterBelow 5mm

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