NiteBird LB4 Csillagos vetítő (Tuya)
NiteBird LB4 Csillagos vetítő (Tuya)
16 690 Ft

NiteBird LB4 Csillagos vetítő (Tuya)

NiteBird LB4 Csillagos vetítő (Tuya)
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 88 db.
16 690 Ft

Star projector NiteBird LB4 Tuya

Create a special atmosphere in your home. Using the projector and the included films, you can project various effects, for example, a starry sky. In addition, the projection displayed rotates 360°, for even better visual effects. Control with apps and voice commands provides convenience, and the ability to set a schedule and timer function will allow you to customize LB4's operation.

Schedule its operation

The projector is equipped with a schedule and timer function, so you can plan its work yourself. You can, for example, set it to turn off automatically when your child goes to bed and turn on right after waking up.

4 films included

The set comes with 4 films with different effects, so you are sure to choose the right one for you. In addition, you can design your own effects to further personalize the LB4.

Remote control

No longer do you have to get up from the couch to turn on the projector or adjust its brightness. Now you can do it from your smartphone. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and control the projector via the app.

Control by voice

For even more convenient operation, you can control the LB4 with your voice. The device works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so with a simple command you can, for example, reduce the brightness of the projector by 75%.


The device has been designed to be completely safe to use. The projector has undergone rigorous testing, including drop tests, heat and cold tests, and has been tested for EMC interference.


  • projector
  • cable and power adapter
  • 4 films
  • user manual
Dimensions210 x 180 x 64 mm
Operating temperature- 10ºC - 40 º C
Operating systemAndroid, iOS
CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, Google Home
Working voltage5V / 1.5A
Wi-Fi module7321T (802.11 b / g / n 2.4G)
Weightabout 1 kg
ApplicationGosund and Smartlife (Tuya)

Gyártói cikkszám:
950 g/db.