Fotovoltaikus panel Allpowers AP-SP-012-BLA 100W
Fotovoltaikus panel Allpowers AP-SP-012-BLA 100W
66 890 Ft

Fotovoltaikus panel Allpowers AP-SP-012-BLA 100W

Fotovoltaikus panel Allpowers AP-SP-012-BLA 100W
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Raktáron: 130 db
66 890 Ft
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130 db
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Allpowers 100W Portable Solar Charger AP-SP-012-BLA

Going on a camping or RV trip? Or are you planning some other adventure where the ability to get power from the sun will come in handy? If so, Allpowers foldable 100W solar charger will definitely come in handy! Thanks to its breakthrough iSolar technology, it optimally adjusts the voltage and current when powering your devices and ensures safe use. It is equipped with a DC output and dual USB. It's also extremely durable, and when folded, it's extremely handy.

Advanced iSolar technology - fast charging for your devices

The product supports innovative iSolar technology, which enables fast charging of connected devices. The built-in regulator ensures stable operation of the charger and automatically adjusts the voltage and current to charge your specific equipment as quickly as possible. With Allpowers, it only takes a few moments for your laptop or phone to be up and running again!

Can power up to 2 appliances at the same time

The charger is equipped with a DC output and a dual USB output. The first one allows you to power your devices up to 5A, and the second one up to 2.4A. Using the product you can also charge up to 2 equipment simultaneously. This makes the charger ideal for use outdoors, for example in the woods or on camping sites, where access to power sources is usually very limited.

Foldable, portable, handy

The device is incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly. What's more, you can use its unique functionality almost anywhere with enough sunlight. When folded, the charger does not take up too much space and is extremely convenient to transport. Its sturdy, pleasant-to-the-touch handle makes it easy to carry. Take it with you wherever you need a portable power source and obtain energy from the sun's rays without hindrance!

2 port types - universal compatibility

What else sets the Allpowers portable solar charger apart? Wide compatibility! The DC port, for example, will handle laptops, 12V car batteries and a variety of devices up to 18V. The USB port, on the other hand, allows you to connect iOS or Android smartphones, iPads, tablets, and a many other USB-equipped devices. This means that the charger is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Safe and durable

Allpowers also takes care of user safety. The product meets the requirements of FCC, CE and RoHS standards, as evidenced by the relevant certificates. It has also been protected against short circuit and surge. The charger is also perfectly adapted to various outdoor conditions. Made of durable PET plastic and wear-resistant PVC material - it will survive any adventure during which it will accompany you.

In the box

  • 1x 100W solar charger
  • 1x DC cable (DC5525 female to DC5521 male)
  • 5x connector for laptops
  • 1x car battery charger clip (alligator clip)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 4x metal hook (carabiners)
  • 1x user manual
Maximum power100W
Output interfaceDC5525 and 2x USB
USB port5V 2.4A (max) x2
DC port18V 5A (max)
Solar energy conversion rate22-25%
Dimensions when unfoldedAbout 94x94x1cm
Dimensions after foldingAbout 32x19x8cm
WeightAbout 2.15kg
CompatibilityRechargeable batteries up to 12V, laptops up to 18V, iPhones, iPads, digital cameras, MP3s and other digital devices
MaterialPVC + PET

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