Hővezető paszta Darkflash DP7 (1g)
Hővezető paszta Darkflash DP7 (1g)
3 790 Ft

Hővezető paszta Darkflash DP7 (1g)

Hővezető paszta Darkflash DP7 (1g)
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3 790 Ft

Darkflash DP7 thermal paste (1g)

Ensure optimal heat dissipation from your computer's processor. Darkflash DP7 thermal paste is distinguished by a conductivity of 14.0 W/mk and guarantees unparalleled efficiency. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, it is completely safe for your hardware and does not dry out too quickly. It is also very easy to apply and fills gaps perfectly. The kit includes a pack of thermal paste (1g), a spatula and a cleaning cloth.

Effectively dissipates heat

Thanks to the use of aluminum oxide, Darkflash DP7 thermal paste will help ensure that your computer's processor effectively dissipates heat. Combined with high-quality cooling system, it will help you achieve excellent results and avoid overheating of your hardware. This will allow you to play dynamic games or use demanding software without any problems, enjoying smooth operation of your computer. To ensure optimal cooling of the processor, remember to change the paste regularly.

Conductivity at the highest level

Enjoy the effective and reliable performance of thermal paste. Darkflash's product is distinguished by a conductivity of 14.0 W/mk. Combined with efficient cooling system, it is ideal even for components operating under high loads and ensures excellent heat dissipation. You can also use it in case of configurations designed to use demanding programs.

Quality you can rely on

DP7 is an excellent quality thermal paste, which does not dry out or lose its properties even over a long period of time. It is also completely safe for your computer. The use of non-corrosive and non-conductive materials ensures optimal electrical insulation and allows you to protect your equipment from damage. Bet on proven solutions and take care of efficient heat dissipation from the processor!

Easy to apply

The application of thermal paste will not cause you any problem - the included spatula will help you with it. Use it to spread the product evenly. DP7 is also distinguished by its optimal, relatively low viscosity and perfectly fills gaps. What's more, adequate thermal conductivity means that the processor and cooling can work perfectly together.

In the box

  • Thermal paste (1g)
  • Spatula
  • Grease cleanser
ColorDark gray
Density (at 25°C)2.5g/ml
Viscosity (at 1rpm)90,000 m.Pa s (=90 Pa s)
Thermal conductivity14.0 W/mk
Thermal resistance0.001°C2-in/W
Weight loss after 96 hours (at 100°C)0,15%
Electrical permeability (at 106Hz)2.4
Volume resistivity4.0 x 1013 x (Ohm.cm)
Electrical strength3.3 KV/mm (does not conduct electricity)
Operating temperature-30°C - 250°C

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DP7 (1g)
46 g/db.