Cocinare Blender Gopower Elite (black)
Cocinare Blender Gopower Elite (black)
24 290 Ft

Cocinare Blender Gopower Elite (black)

Cocinare Blender Gopower Elite (black)
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24 290 Ft

Cocinare GoPower eLite Blender (black)

Make delicious smoothies, protein shakes and even almond milk in no time. The Cocinare GoPower eLite blender is equipped with 6 titanium alloy blades. The device is distinguished by 1100 watts of power and operates at 30,000 rpm. The portable shaker with a capacity of 600 ml will provide you with convenient access to nutrient-rich drinks anywhere, and cleaning the product will not be a hassle. A special safety system minimizes the risk of damaging the blender.


Efficient operation

The Cocinare blender is equipped with a powerful motor that operates at up to 1,100 watts and a speed of 30,000 rpm. The 6 titanium alloy blades perfectly handle the toughest ingredients. The device crushes frozen fruits, ice cubes and even nuts in seconds. The titanium surface of the blades preserves all the nutrients of food products.


Portable shaker

Opt for Cocinare's proposal and enjoy the convenience made possible by the integration of a blender and shaker. All you have to do is drop the ingredients of your choice into the device and press the appropriate button. Then you can conveniently detach the 600 ml shaker and take it anywhere. The bottle is BPA-free, leak-proof, shatterproof and has been equipped with a silicone non-slip element for added convenience.


Thoughtful solutions

The seal is made of food-grade silicone and integrated into the base of the blades, eliminating the risk of it falling off and mixing with your drink. The blades can only be activated when the bottle is properly placed on the base - so you don't have to worry about accidental activation.


A range of safety features

Thanks to the thermal protection, you don't have to worry about the device overheating. To further prevent damage to the blender and a potential fire hazard, an overcurrent protection system is built into the motor to prevent overcurrent due to overload or short circuit. The device will shut down in the event of an emergency.


Easy to clean

Keeping your Cocinare appliance clean won't be a hassle. You can easily unscrew the blades and clean both them and the bottle under running water. You can also clean the product in the dishwasher without any worries. Thanks to this solution, washing the blender will no longer be cumbersome and time-consuming. You can quickly and easily remove all dirt and bacteria, and your smoothies and cocktails will always be fresh and tasty.



  • Blender x1
  • Shaker x1
  • User manual x1
Manufacturer Cocinare
Model GoPower eLite
Shaker capacity 600 ml
Rated power 550 W
Peak power 1100 W
Speed 30,000 rpm
Width 5 inches
Height 18.62 inches
Power supply 220V~50Hz
Color black

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Gopower Elite -b
1,962 kg/db.