Blitzwolf BW-SL4 Desktop Flash LED Phone Holder
Blitzwolf BW-SL4 Desktop Flash LED Phone Holder
5 690 Ft

Blitzwolf BW-SL4 Desktop Flash LED Phone Holder

Blitzwolf BW-SL4 Desktop Flash LED Phone Holder
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5 690 Ft

Ring lamp BlitzWolf

Specialized lighting is an ideal solution to make it easier to record videos on Youtube, TikTok or running vlogs on the instagram. It will also work by giving a beautiful shine when creating makeup and doing self-made, and even while learning or simply as an addition to decoration. It offers the possibility of giving 3 shades of color temperature and ten brightness levels to best match the light to the environment. The lamp is on an adjustable tripod and is powered by a USB charger.

Appropriate design

The lamp is designed in the shape of a ring, so that the light is distributed evenly. It has 3 types of colors in shades of cool, warm and natural glow. The luminous flux reaches 2800Lm, which means that the light is intensely bright. In addition, 10 levels of vivid colors allow you to perfectly match the lighting at will.

Versatile control

The luminous tripod allows remote control from any place. A small panel built into the USB charger cable makes it easy to control the whole lamp. It has on/off buttons, a function of rotating the moving part and reducing or increasing light intensity. Moreover, Bluetooth is another advantage as it is compatible with IOS, Android Mobile Phones and 360 Cameras.

Reasonable design

The BlitzWolf Ring Lamp has been designed to make the placement as convenient as possible during use. The tripod can be folded up to a height of 40 cm. You decide for yourself what height you want to set up. The upper, luminescent part has the ability to rotate around its axis to perfectly set the angle of light.

Detailed precision

The telescopic shank covered with a matte texture allows for efficient adjustment of the required height, and is non-slip and resistant to scratches and any minor damage. The pressure clip also has the ability to adjust the appropriate clip, so that the phone holds firmly in one place. The round base guarantees stability and durability. The clip fits most 3.5 to 6-inch smartphones. It is powered by a USB charger.

Simple installation

A few simple steps are enough to assemble the tripod yourself. Fix the bar to the correct height and then tighten it with a screw. Then attach the rod to the round base. When you point the main part of the light to the stem of the tripod, tighten the screw firmly. Loosen the knob and put it through the rod, then try to screw it in so that it stays stable. The last step is to fix the phone mount to the clip.

Color temperature3300-6000K
Lamp size8''
Weight1.05 kg
Brightness levels10
Light flux2800 Lm
Tone of colorcool/warm/natural
Length22 x 40cm

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1,16 kg/db.