Kerékpár táska telefontartóval Rockbros 029BK (fekete)
Kerékpár táska telefontartóval Rockbros 029BK (fekete)
8 290 Ft

Kerékpár táska telefontartóval Rockbros 029BK (fekete)

Bicycle Bag with Phone Holder Rockbros 029BK (black)
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8 290 Ft
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Bike bag / phone holder Rockbros 029BK

Do you often go on bike tours? Get the opportunity to conveniently store your essentials and ensure quick access to your smartphone! The Rockbros 029BK bag with phone holder will make every trip even more enjoyable. The accessory is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about damaging the items placed inside. It also allows you to use your smartphone's touchscreen without any problems and lets you connect headphones to it via a special opening.



Caught in the rain during a trip? With Rockbros, you don't have to worry about your phone or other items getting wet and damaged! The 029BK bag is made of waterproof materials such as PU, so it is impervious to water. It has also been fitted with laminated zips. All this gives you the peace of mind that the items you put in it will stay dry!


Plenty of room for your belongings

Despite its relatively small size, the bag is surprisingly spacious. You can easily fit not only your smartphone in it, but also, for example, a powerbank, a small pump, your wallet and a bike wheel repair kit. Another advantage of the product is a special thickened sponge, which protects the items placed inside from shocks and damage.


Thoughtful design

The bag uses a double fastening - using a special strap and large Velcro strap. As a result, it remains firmly in place - even when driving on uneven roads. But that's not the end of its advantages! Another noteworthy feature is the special opening that allows the headphones to be connected to the smartphone in the bag. This means you can freely listen to music or talk on the phone.


Convenient use of your phone

Enjoy comfortable use of the smartphone placed in the bag. TPU plastic is used for the display cover, which is characterised by its high sensitivity to touch. This means you can use your phone's touchscreen without any problems. You can now easily switch the song you are playing, answer an incoming call or check your route on the map! What's more, the integrated sun visor prevents glare.


MaterialPU composite material
Screen size5.8″ and smaller
DimensionsApprox. 25.5 x 6.5 x 10.5cm
WeightApprox. 189g

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029 BK
460 g/db