Baseus Halo Telefontartó gyűrű (ezüst)
Baseus Halo Telefontartó gyűrű (ezüst)
6 590 Ft

Baseus Halo Telefontartó gyűrű (ezüst)

Baseus Halo Telefontartó gyűrű (ezüst)
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 1 db
6 590 Ft
Külső Raktár
1 db
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Baseus phone holder

Baseus phone holder will greatly increase your comfort when using your cell phone! The lightweight holder perfectly adheres to the phone or case, without significantly increasing its size. The product is distinguished by its multifunctionality - you can use it as a stand for your phone or a magnetic plate for car holders. In addition, the modern yet minimalist design of the holder will perfectly refresh the look of your phone.

Convenient to use

The holder just needs to be glued to the phone case or case and placed on the finger in your hand. It will make it easier for you to hold your device in your hand and increase your convenience when using your smartphone with one hand. What's more, you can easily adjust the product to your needs, thanks to its 360° horizontal and 120° vertical adjustment. You don't have to worry that your phone will increase its size significantly. From now on, you will easily be able to operate your phone with one hand, regardless of its size.

Multifunctional performance

Increasing the comfort of your smartphone is not the only function the product has to offer! The holder can boldly serve as a stand for your phone while watching your favorite movies or series, or as a magnetic plate used for car mounts. In addition, worn on the finger, it will help prevent accidental dropping of the phone or theft in crowded places.

Minimalist design

Modern yet minimalist design will give your equipment a whole new character. What's more, thanks to its small size - only 3.3 mm thick, the holder, when folded, perfectly adheres to the case, becoming almost imperceptible. In addition, you can easily remove it from the case, and the adhesive will not leave any traces on it.

ModelBaseus Halo Series Foldable Ring Stand
DimensionsOutside diameter 57 mm, inside diameter 47 mm
Weight29 g
CompatibilityAll phones up to 5 kg

Gyártói cikkszám:
77 g/db