Avatto TRV16 Zigbee Okos termosztátfej Tuya
Avatto TRV16 Zigbee Okos termosztátfej Tuya
14 490 Ft

Avatto TRV16 Zigbee Okos termosztátfej Tuya

Avatto TRV16 Zigbee Okos termosztátfej Tuya
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14 490 Ft

Avatto TRV16 Zigbee Tuya smart thermostatic head

Do you want your home to always have a pleasant temperature? That's why you're looking for a smart device that will help you do that? The Avatto smart thermostatic head will be the perfect choice! It is distinguished by its compact size, and what's more, it has been equipped with many useful functions that make its operation very easy. What's more, with the help of a dedicated app you will be able to manage them from anywhere and at any time. See what Avatto can offer you!


Thoughtful design

What distinguishes the Avatto smart thermostatic head is its well-thought-out design. Its dimensions are only 51.5 × 77 mm, which makes it very compact and will fit into any interior. Its structure has been optimized to accommodate a powerful motor. What's more, it's powered by 2 AA batteries, so you won't have to worry about buying and replacing them. You'll also find various adapters included, making the Avatto device compatible with different heaters.


Easy control

The Avatto smart thermostatic head also means easy control. All you have to do is download the Smart Life or Tuya app to your phone, and you will gain the ability to control the device from anywhere and at any time. What's more, when you combine it with a smart gateway (available for sale separately), you gain voice control with assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The app gives you the ability to program weekly schedules. This allows you to plan what the temperature should be for 7 days at 6 different times. It also records temperature history and displays it as a curve. In addition, you can share control with your family.


Safe use

When you choose the Avatto device, you don't have to worry about your and your family's safety. You'll find a lock function in the app so that your child won't be able to control the head, so you can be sure that they are properly protected. What's more, the smart head is programmed by default to turn on and off at a certain temperature and time, so your pipes won't freeze and calcify in daily use.


Additional features

The Avatto smart thermostatic head is equipped with a number of features to make its use even more convenient. Thanks to its temperature calibration function, it will accurately detect and display the temperature so that you always know how many degrees are in the room. It has also been equipped with an open window detector. When the room temperature drops by 6 degrees in 4 minutes, the device closes the valve, which results in stopping the heating. It will turn on after 48 minutes, when the temperature rise in the room increases by 3 degrees. This can also be done manually.


More possibilities

The Avatto device also has a linkage function. What does this mean? It gives you the ability to create various smart automations to run scenes. What's more, a group control function is also at your disposal. You can control several appliances, located in different rooms, at the same time. Discover what user comfort you will gain with Avatto!



  • smart thermostatic head
  • 6 x adapters
  • instruction manual
Producer Avatto
Model TRV16 zigbee
Dimensions 51.5 × 77 mm
Battery 2 × 1.5 V AA
Temperature sensor NTC
Working temperature -10°C - 40°C
Control by voice Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Wireless operation protocol Zigbee 3.0
Zigbee standard IEEE802.15.4
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Temperature tolerance ±1°C
Thread size M30*1.5mm

Gyártói cikkszám:
TRV16 zigbee
221 g/db.