Allpowers AP-ES-004-BLA napelem 21W
Allpowers AP-ES-004-BLA napelem 21W
16 790 Ft

Allpowers AP-ES-004-BLA napelem 21W

Allpowers AP-ES-004-BLA napelem 21W
Szállítási idő
5 munkanap
Raktáron: 247 db
16 790 Ft
Külső Raktár
247 db
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Allpowers AP-ES-004-BLA 21W photovoltaic panel

Equip yourself with a free, portable energy source that will provide you with power whenever you need it. The Allpowers AP-ES-004-BLA features 21W of power, high efficiency and a compact design. Opt for a combination of functionality and convenience.

Efficiency first and foremost

The panel is distinguished by its high power (21 W) and efficiency (about 21%). The ETFE material construction guarantees higher efficiency, water resistance and longevity compared to conventional panels. With Allpowers you choose the best!

USB outputs

The panel offers 2 USB outputs, with which you can replenish batteries, tablets, iPads, smartphones and other devices that support 5V USB voltage. The performance of the panel allows you to charge, for example, 2 smartphones at the same time. It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge an iPhone 8.

Portable design

The design of the device puts a premium on being able to take it with you virtually anywhere. It's lightweight and relatively small, and the included hooks allow you to mount it on the outside of a backpack, for example. This will give you an easily accessible and conveniently transportable power source to complement your trip to the mountains, on vacation or on a business trip.

The kit includes:

  • Solar panel
  • 2 x metal mount (carabiner)
  • USB cable
  • Instructions manual
Solar panel peak power21W
Output interfaceUSB
Output power5V3A(Max.)
Dimensions (folded)253 x 300 x 13 mm
Dimensions (unfolded)642 x 300 x 13 mm
WaterproofIP67 (does not apply to controller)
Weight0.59 kg

Gyártói cikkszám:
800 g/db