Adapter 11w1 HUB USB-C Blitzwolf BW-TH11
Adapter 11w1 HUB USB-C Blitzwolf BW-TH11
21 590 Ft

Adapter 11w1 HUB USB-C Blitzwolf BW-TH11

Adapter 11w1 HUB USB-C Blitzwolf BW-TH11
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21 590 Ft
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65 db
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Adapter 11in1 HUB USB-C Blitzwolf BW-TH11

The 11-in-1 HUB USB-C adapter Blitzwolf BW-TH11 will allow you to increase the capabilities of your laptop. It offers such ports as: HDMI x2, USB3.0, USB2.0 x2, SD/TF, VGA, USB-C x2 and RJ45, so you can connect a variety of devices. It provides high-speed data transfer and network connectivity, for greater convenience of use. It also allows you to enjoy high quality video at 4K@30 Hz resolution.

High image quality

The Blitzwolf Hub allows you to display the image on a larger screen, for example, a TV or projector. Just use an HDMI or VGA cable (not included). As a result, you can enjoy images at 4K@30 Hz and 1080P@60 Hz.

Fast data transfer

The product supports data transfer speeds of 5 Gbps (USB3.0) or 480 Mbps (USB2.0), so you no longer have to wait indefinitely for your files to transfer. What's more, you can charge the device and copy data at the same time - the hub also has a slot for SD/TF cards.

Lightweight, compact design

The Blitzwolf hub is distinguished by its lightweight and compact design, so you can always carry it with you - you can successfully store it in your backpack or even pocket. What's more, it has been equipped with non-slip pads, ensuring stability and preventing the hub from moving.

Dimensions95 x 45 x 11 mm
Cable length160 mm
Weight52 g
Rated voltageDC 5V
Input voltageDC 20V/4A max
InterfaceHDMI x2, USB3.0, USB2.0 x2, SD/TF, VGA, USB-C x2, RJ45
Data transfer speed5 Gbps (USB3.0), 480 Mbps (USB2.0)
Resolution4K@30 Hz (HDMI), 1080P@60 Hz (VGA)
Network transfer speedRJ45 (1000 Mbps)

Gyártói cikkszám:
100 g/db