USB-C kábel a Lightning Baseus Dynamic sorozathoz, 20 W, 1 m (fehér)
USB-C kábel a Lightning Baseus Dynamic sorozathoz, 20 W, 1 m (fehér)
4 290 Ft

USB-C kábel a Lightning Baseus Dynamic sorozathoz, 20 W, 1 m (fehér)

USB-C kábel a Lightning Baseus Dynamic sorozathoz, 20 W, 1 m (fehér)
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Raktáron: 106 db.
4 290 Ft

Baseus CATLJK-B06 cable

Baseus CATLJK-B06 USB-C to Lightning cable allows you to quickly charge your Apple devices with up to 20W of power. It supports the PD protocol and is compatible with the iPhone 12 series, among other things. Thanks to its manufacturing from high-end materials, it stands out for its high durability, and a special chip ensures safe use. What is more, the cable allows you to transfer data at a speed of up to 480MB/s.

Charge your iPhone in just a few moments

Fast charging means that you can charge 50% of your iPhone's battery in up to about 30 minutes with the cable. The product is PD 18W compatible, so it's ideal for powering a wide variety of Apple smartphones - from the 12 series all the way down to the 6S. No matter what phone you're using, this practical accessory won't let you down.

Total user safety

The temperature of the cable connectors is kept constant, so you don't have to worry about them overheating and damaging your phone's battery - even when you're using it while charging. Safety of use is also increased by a special chip that intelligently adjusts the voltage and current to the type of devices being charged, thus ensuring their safety.

Exceptional performance

The improved copper core provides an incredibly efficient conductor that makes it possible to charge your devices so quickly. The process is also enhanced by a premium, durable connector that fits perfectly into your iPhone's port and sits securely in place without loosening or falling out. What's more, additional protection made of rubber protects your phone's input from scratches.

Fast charging, fast data transfer

Baseus Cafule series cable is not only fast charging - it's also lightning fast data transfer. With its help you can transfer files between devices at speeds up to 480MB/s. You do not have to wait endlessly for your documents, photos or videos to be copied from your iPhone to your computer or laptop - with this functional accessory it takes only a moment!

Will serve you for many years

The product impresses with its durability. UV-coated zinc alloy is resistant to oxidation and fading. The braided nylon sheath protects the delicate interior of the cable and extends its life. It surprises with its solidity - it does not have to be bent or stretched. All this makes it extremely resistant to wear.

NameCafule Series Metal Data Cable Type-C to iP
MaterialZinc alloy + braided nylon
PowerPD 20W / PD 18W
Transmission rateUp to 480MB/s
Input portUSB-C
Output portLightning

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