Vezeték nélküli álló porszívó Redroad V17
Vezeték nélküli álló porszívó Redroad V17
85 490 Ft

Vezeték nélküli álló porszívó Redroad V17

Vezeték nélküli álló porszívó Redroad V17
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4 munkanap
Raktáron: 39 db.
85 490 Ft

Redroad V17 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Silent operation, 26,500 Pa suction power and 60 minutes of operation are the main advantages of this device. The Redroad upright vacuum cleaner also features a 5-stage filtration system and a dual brush that effectively removes various types of debris. The high-capacity battery and brushless motor prove the high performance of the device, while the ergonomic design and included accessories will make everyday cleaning easier. In addition, you can additionally purchase a filter cover, which is available in different colors, so you can personalize the look of the V17.

9-step noise reduction system

Now you can clean without disturbing other household members. The V17 upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 9-step noise reduction system, which reduces the noise of the device to ≤60 dB. The quiet operation of the V17 is due to the brushless motor, polymer cotton and the design of the air outlet, among others.

Effectively gets rid of dirt

The Redroad vacuum cleaner will allow you to take care of the pristine floors in your home. It has a power output of 450W and picks up dirt with 120,000 revolutions per minute and a suction power of 26,500 Pa. This ensures that your surfaces are free from dust and other types of debris.

Durable battery

The 7 cell battery with a total capacity of 2500mAh provides up to 60 minutes of use on a single charge. To charge the vacuum, simply use the included adapter or wall mount. You can also charge the battery independently. You just need to detach it from the device and attach it to the charging mount. After about 3.5 hours of charging, the V17 will be ready for use again.

Create a clean and safe environment in your home

The vacuum cleaner will work especially well for allergy sufferers. The 5-stage filtration system that V17 is equipped with effectively prevents secondary air pollution. The HEPA filter helps to get rid of bacteria, dust mites and mold. The other filtering elements separate dust from the air, even as small as 0.1 μm. Filtration efficiency is increased by a block of 12 cyclones, allowing the device to filter up to 99.97% of contaminants.

Double brush

The V17 brush is equipped with a motor that makes its rollers rotate, removing dust, crumbs, hair and other debris quickly and thoroughly. The V-shaped roller design prevents hair from getting tangled. The brush is ideal for a variety of surfaces, and its rotating design makes it easy to clean. To clean it, simply press the release button. In addition, 2 extra rollers are included. For more cleaning effect, place the soft roller on the front.

The most important information at your fingertips

The vacuum cleaner has an easy-to-read LCD that will let you know the level of charge of the battery, so you can avoid sudden battery drain and renew its power on time. The screen also displays information about the status of the device, notifications of any error encountered, and a reminder to replace parts. Additionally, the lock button allows you to continuously operate the V17 without straining your fingers.

Easy to empty the tank

The device is equipped with a 600ml tank, which reduces the frequency of emptying. To open it, simply press the release button. This solution allows you to avoid direct contact with dirt. A brush is also included to help you clean the tank. Moreover, both the tank and the filter can be rinsed under running water.

Convenience of use

The Redroad vacuum cleaner is designed to make using it simple and convenient. The crevice brush with LED illumination makes it easy to clean narrow and hard-to-reach areas where not enough light reaches. The light located above the dual brush prevents you from overlooking debris while vacuuming, and the bendable tube design makes it easy to clean areas under tables, chairs, etc.

Various cleaning scenarios

The kit comes with accessories that will make everyday cleaning easier. The LED crevice brush will allow you to thoroughly clean narrow and hard-to-reach surfaces, and the mattress brush will help get rid of dust mites. To clean delicate surfaces you'll need a wider brush, and to clean ventilation grilles you can use a special, narrower brush.


  • Main body
  • Wall mount
  • Metal extension tube
  • Double brush
  • Extra x2 rollers
  • Mattress brush
  • LED crevice brush
  • Wide nozzle for delicate surfaces
  • Dusting brush
  • Power adapter
  • Hose
  • Bottom hose
Brand Redroad
Model V17
Rated voltage 25.2V
Rated power 450W
Battery capacity 2500 mAh
Weight 1.62 kg
Charging time 3.5h
Engine brushless, Space 3.0
Working time up to 60 minutes
Suction power 155 AW
Suction power 26,500 Pa
Dust container capacity 600 ml
Noise level ≤60 dB

Gyártói cikkszám:
7,887 kg/db.