USB-kábel a USB-C Baseus Crystal Shine, 100W, 2m (ibolya)
USB-kábel a USB-C Baseus Crystal Shine, 100W, 2m (ibolya)
3 890 Ft

USB-kábel a USB-C Baseus Crystal Shine, 100W, 2m (ibolya)

USB-kábel a USB-C Baseus Crystal Shine, 100W, 2m (ibolya)
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3 890 Ft

Fast charging and data transfer cable Baseus Crystal Shine Series

We present Baseus CAJY000505 fast charging and data transfer cable. Thanks to the universal USB-C output you can easily charge your phone or laptop. The maximum power of 100 W allows you to instantly replenish the energy of your device or equally fast data transfer.

Charge and transfer data at the same time

The supported standards - Quick Charge and Power Delivery of up to 100 watts are responsible for rapid charging of your devices. The USB-C output allows you to top up your smartphone, laptop or even your Nintendo Switch console. What's more, data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps ensure that files are transferred between your chosen sources in no time.

High-quality materials

Annoyed by the ever-damaging contacts of your charger? CAJY000505 uses a braided cable sheath for extra durability. What's more, at the point where the plug connects to the cable, special reinforcement is used to make the whole structure resistant to bending and stretching. This ensures that the 8-conductor cable inside is in a very robust environment, providing a long service life without the need for replacement!

Stylish, comfortable design

Baseus Crystal Shine Series is a combination of functionality and style. Cable will make it easier for you to use in many situations. For example, when you want to charge your phone in the car, even sitting in the back seat. Moreover, several colour versions will allow you to choose something special for you!

ModelCrystal Series CAJY000505
Transmission speedup to 480 Mbps
Maximum powerup to 100 watts
Type of USB portUSB-A - USB-C
USB standardUSB 2.0
Length2 m

Töltési teljesítmény (W):
Gyors töltési szabvány:
Power Delivery
Gyártói cikkszám:
94 g/db.