UGREEN AV182 XLR kábel 3,5 mm-es AUX csatlakozóhoz 1 m (fekete)
UGREEN AV182 XLR kábel 3,5 mm-es AUX csatlakozóhoz 1 m (fekete)
3 490 Ft

UGREEN AV182 XLR kábel 3,5 mm-es AUX csatlakozóhoz 1 m (fekete)

UGREEN AV182 XLR kábel 3,5 mm-es AUX csatlakozóhoz 1 m (fekete)
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 422 db.
3 490 Ft

UGREEN AV182 3.5mm to XLR audio cable

Professional 3.5mm to XLR audio cable allows you to connect your microphone to a wide variety of equipment. Made of high-purity copper, the cable provides excellent sound quality and a reliable connection, while additional shielding helps eliminate interference. The robust braided cable makes the product extremely durable.

Stunning sound quality

What makes the AV182 cable able to offer sound at the highest level? The copper cable ensures stable transmission of the audio signal, while the aluminum shielding minimizes interference. As a result, the product guarantees crystal clear, natural sound and avoids unpleasant crackling or rasping.

Solid connectors with refined design

Freely record podcasts and don't worry about a thing. The cable's connectors are designed to provide a solid, reliable connection. When you connect them to the devices of your choice, they stay firmly in place. They won't loosen or fall out, even if you move or swing them a lot.

Wide compatibility - lots of applications

The cable is distinguished by its wide compatibility, which makes it perfect for many applications. With this cable you can connect your microphone to many devices equipped with a 3.5mm port, such as a computer, amplifier, audio mixer or soundbox. Whether you want to record podcasts or tutorials on YouTube, with the UGREEN you can be sure that your voice will be perfectly captured.

Exceptional durability

Get rid of poor quality cables that break after just a few days of use. UGREEN AV182 will surprise you with its durability. The gold-plated 3.5mm plug is extremely low susceptible to damage, and the aluminum and zinc alloy housings provides the necessary protection for the connectors. Moreover, the solid braid makes the cable resistant to bending, breaking or tearing.

WirePure copper, gold-plated tip
Connector AXLR
Connector Bjack 3.5 mm AUX
Cable diameter4.9 mm
Cable length1 m

Gyártói cikkszám:
63 g/db.