Superfire HL51 fejlámpa, 160lm, USB
Superfire HL51 fejlámpa, 160lm, USB
3 690 Ft

Superfire HL51 fejlámpa, 160lm, USB

Superfire HL51 fejlámpa, 160lm, USB
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3 690 Ft
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15 db
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Superfire HL51 headlamp flashlight

The Superfire HL51 head flashlight is distinguished by its large reflector, which guarantees high intensity of emitted light and a range of up to 300m. The USB-charged rechargeable battery provides up to 2.5 hours of operation. The lamp's customizable angle and 3 light modes give you the freedom of use you dream of. The flexible headband offers unparalleled comfort, and the IP42 protection rating allows you to use the flashlight in almost any conditions.

Optimum illumination in a wide variety of situations

The large 51mm diameter reflector provides excellent illumination with up to 160 lm of brightness. Thanks to it, the flashlight can shine at a distance of up to 300 meters. The HL51 will therefore be ideal for many scenarios. It will light your way during a night hike, you can successfully use it on a camping trip, and you can even use it while repairing your car on the side of the road after dark.

Impressively long working time

The built-in 1200 mAh battery can be conveniently charged via USB. It provides about 2.5 hours of flashlight operation. Using the HL51 is made easier by a special indicator that glows red when the device is charging, and blue when the battery is already charged. This way you always know what is happening with your flashlight!

Choose from 3 available light modes

The flashlight can shine in 3 ways - in strong and weak light modes, as well as stroboscopically. So you have the possibility to adjust its operation to your current expectations and situations. Superfire HL51 will always perfectly illuminate the darkness and provide exactly the light source you need.

Adjust the direction of the light to suit your needs

You can adjust the tilt of the spotlight from 0-90°. Use this possibility to direct the light beam exactly where you want it. You no longer have to be limited to one pre-imposed flashlight setting - using the Superfire HL51, you can easily adjust it to your expectations.

Water won't hurt it

The device is also IP42 rated. This means that you can use it without worrying about changing weather conditions or demanding terrain. The flashlight will not be harmed by rainfall or accidental splashes of water from a waterfall. This durable device will never let you down!

Comfortable to use

The Superfire HL51 is also extremely comfortable to use. The flashlight weighs only 102 g, so you can have it on your head even for many hours - it will not be too much of a burden. In addition, the elastic band is pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly, so the device guarantees you unparalleled comfort.

Brightness160 lm
Rated power2,5W
Capacity1200 mAh
Operating time2-5 h
Charging portmicro USB
Drop resistance1 m
Degree of protectionIP42
Weight102 g
Dimensions56x51x80 mm

Gyártói cikkszám:
102 g/db