3 féle szűrőlencse Sunnylife (CPL+ND8+ND16) DJI Mini 3 Pro-hoz (MM3-FI415)
3 féle szűrőlencse Sunnylife (CPL+ND8+ND16) DJI Mini 3 Pro-hoz (MM3-FI415)
10 290 Ft

3 féle szűrőlencse Sunnylife (CPL+ND8+ND16) DJI Mini 3 Pro-hoz (MM3-FI415)

3 féle szűrőlencse Sunnylife (CPL+ND8+ND16) DJI Mini 3 Pro-hoz (MM3-FI415)
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Raktáron: 14 db.
10 290 Ft

Set of 3 CPL+ND8+ND16 Sunnylife filters for DJI Mini 3 Pro (MM3-FI415).

Create unique photos and recordings with Sunnylife filters. You'll find a CPL, ND8 and ND16 filter in the set. You can also adjust polarization effects with them. The lightweight design doesn't affect the drone's flight, and the solid workmanship translates into the product's durability against damage and resistance to liquids.

CPL filter

The CPL filter eliminates glare from reflective surfaces, for example, glass or water. In addition, it affects color saturation and increases image clarity. It will be perfect for capturing the contrast between blue skies and clouds.

ND8/ND16 filters

ND8/ND16 filters are perfect for capturing nighttime light trails or water mist. They increase color saturation and prevent overexposure. What's more, they reduce shutter speed, allowing you to get smooth, cinematic shots.

Durable construction

The filters are coated with a multilayer coating that stands out for its high transmittance. In addition, they repel water and grease, so you can easily keep them clean. In addition, they are scratch-resistant, so they will serve you for a long time.

Dedicated to DJI Mini 3 Pro

You don't have to worry about the filters weighing down your drone and affecting flight quality. The weight of each filter is less than 1g, and the frame made of CNC aircraft aluminum ensures that they are incredibly lightweight, yet durable. In addition, the products are perfectly matched to the DJI Mini 3 Pro. So they won't disturb its balance and allow you to enjoy a smooth, exciting flight.


  • CPL filter x1
  • ND8 filter x1
  • ND16 filter x1
CompatibilityDJI Mini 3 Pro
Weightapprox. 0.9 g (CPL), approx. 0.7 g (ND8, ND16)
Material Optical glass, aluminum alloy

Gyártói cikkszám:
100 g/db.