Speakers SVEN PS-600, 50W Bluetooth (black)
Speakers SVEN PS-600, 50W Bluetooth (black)
44 390 Ft

Speakers SVEN PS-600, 50W Bluetooth (black)

Speakers SVEN PS-600, 50W Bluetooth (black)
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44 390 Ft

SVEN PS-600 Speakers, 50W Bluetooth (black).

SVEN PS-600 is an excellent choice for people who appreciate excellent sound quality. It features 35mm and 100m speakers with a total power output of up to 50W for an exceptional experience when listening to new artists, indulging in your favorite tunes or at parties with friends. Integrated RGB lights add to the mood, dynamically bringing the space and guests' faces to life. This speaker also has a built-in equalizer, allowing you to adjust the sound according to your preferences. You can play your favorite songs from a variety of sources - wired via cable, from a flash drive or microSD card, or wirelessly from your phone, for example, thanks to the Bluetooth function. What's more, with the TWS function you have the possibility to connect to two speakers at the same time, which will enrich the spatial sound of the


Feel like you're at a disco

Light up your surroundings with RGB colors - it can be your own home disco! With the PS-600, such a possibility becomes a reality This speaker is equipped with dynamic RGB lights that can shine in multiple modes to enhance your party experience! It's a great way to create an amazing atmosphere and recharge the space with positive energy.


Discover your musical talent

Have an unforgettable karaoke party! Connect the microphone to the speaker and give your guests a chance to show off their musical talent. The control panel allows you to adjust the sound level and add an echo effect to emphasize the clarity and depth of your voice. Sing your favorite songs with family and friends, creating special moments together. To make the equipment easy to carry, the kit includes a wide, lightweight strap that allows you to comfortably carry the speaker from place to place.


Wireless connection

Bluetooth wireless transmission is undoubtedly a convenient solution. It allows you to quickly connect to the PS-6000 speaker, and that even from up to 10 meters away! Now you can turn on your favorite podcasts, immerse yourself in an audiobook or simply relax with your favorite tune, using the performance of this speaker. Dynamic sound, rich bass and clear highs are the result of two drivers handling low and high frequencies. On top of that, you can adjust the sound through the equalizer to enjoy music in your own personalized way.


Multiple playback options

The Sven PS-550 is audio playback equipment that offers many options. You can listen to music in a variety of ways - via cable, flash drive, microUSB card or wirelessly via Bluetooth. You also have the option to listen to the radio and dance to your favorite station. A cable connected to the AUX port acts as an antenna. The control panel has an LCD screen that displays the station's frequency, volume level, and song duration. You can also find songs by number, customize lighting effects, and use many other features.


Set contents

  • Speaker x 1
  • Double-ended mini jack 3.5mm cable x 1
  • AAA battery x 2
  • USB to micro USB charging cable x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • Warranty card x 1
Brand SVEN
Model PS-600
Color Black
Output power (RMS) 50W (2 x 25)
Frequency range 45 - 22,000Hz
Speaker dimensions 35mm 110mm
Operating time up to 10h
Interface Bluetooth
Power source Li-Ion rechargeable battery 7.4V, 4000mAh (29.60Wh), USB: DC 5V
Connector type USB-C, microUSB
Device dimensions 460 x 240 x 240 mm
Weight of the device 3800 g

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