Solo öv/ válltáska fotózáshoz PGYTECH OneGo (sötétkék)
Solo öv/ válltáska fotózáshoz PGYTECH OneGo (sötétkék)
23 790 Ft

Solo öv/ válltáska fotózáshoz PGYTECH OneGo (sötétkék)

Solo öv/válltáska fotózáshoz PGYTECH OneGo (sötétkék)
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23 790 Ft
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PGYTECH OneGo Solo Sling

Looking for a small, handy bag to store your camera and accessories, as well as one for everyday use? The OneGo Solo is the model for you! Its design focuses on combining functionality with small size, giving you the ability to store a lot of stuff in a relatively small space. 

Functionality first

The product's design is based primarily on functionality and convenience. The design is compact, and a special, adjustable strap ensures that you can wear it both on the shoulder and at the waist. Bet on high comfort of use, without losing quality!

Design the inside yourself

You can decide how the inside of the bag should look like! The bag comes with 2 pocket dividers, so you can tailor the interior to your needs. What's more, the OneGo Solo has internal magnetic closures to keep your gear secure. You can also use the external pockets to take a tripod or water bottle with you. 

Versatile, professional style

The bag fits into a specialist, professional cut. At the same time it is extremely modern, which will allow you to match it with both formal and casual clothing. Don't sacrifice your dream style for functionality, the OneGo Solo allows you to maintain both - without compromise!

Kit includes

  • Bag
  • 2 x pocket divider
NameOneGo Solo
ColourDark Blue
Capacity3 l
Dimensions355 x 174 x 99 mm

Etui / Walizka
Etui / Walizka
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