Avatto ZWT100 Okostermosztát, 3A, Zigbee, Tuya
Avatto ZWT100 Okostermosztát, 3A, Zigbee, Tuya
12 590 Ft

Avatto ZWT100 Okostermosztát, 3A, Zigbee, Tuya

Avatto ZWT100 Okostermosztát, 3A, Zigbee, Tuya
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Raktáron: 45 db
12 590 Ft
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45 db
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Avatto ZWT100 smart thermostat of CWU boiler 3A ZigBee TUYA

The Avatto ZWT100 smart thermostat operates DHW boilers and allows you to directly turn on/off their power supply to provide hot water for space heating. It is equipped with an NTC sensor, which is responsible for temperature accuracy to 1°C. It has a built-in Zigbee module and works with Tuya, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice, etc.

Program its operation

From the Tuya or Smart Life app, you can program the thermostat's operation. The device supports different temperature settings for a period of 5+2 / 6+1 / 7 days respectively with 6 time modes per day. You can also use manual and automatic modes.

Convenient control

You can control the Avatto ZWT100 smart thermostat in 3 different ways. The product works with Tuya and Smart Life apps, which you download to your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to adjust the operation of the product no matter where you are. It is also possible to control the thermostat through voice commands - the ZWT100 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Yandex Alice, etc. You can also use the product's touchscreen.

Access to the most important information

Another advantage of the Avatto ZWT100 is its LCD display. From it, you will learn about the set mode of operation, connection to the network, set temperature or safety lock on. What's more, the thermostat displays the current time. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen or turn it off completely. This way, you have all the most important information at your fingertips - just take a glance!

Additional features

The Avatto ZWT100 smart thermostat is equipped with a special child lock that prevents the use of the device. This will prevent you from turning on/off an unwanted function. In addition, it is possible to combine several ZWT100s into groups, for even greater control. You can also grant access to the device to other household members so that each of you can control it.


  • thermostat
  • instruction manual
  • screws x2
VoltageAC 95-220V 50/60Hz
Maximum load3A
Temperature range5°C - 60°C
Operating temperature-5°C - 50°C
Displayed temperature range0°C - 51°C
Power consumption<1W
Dimensions86 x 86 x 40 mm
ApplicationTuya, Smart Life
Voice controlAmazon Alexa, Google Home, Yandex Alice, etc.
ConnectivityZigbee 3.0

Gyártói cikkszám:
205 g/db