Powerbank / Starter + Compressor 2in1 Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter, 8000mAh, 1000A USB (black)
Powerbank / Starter + Compressor 2in1 Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter, 8000mAh, 1000A USB (black)
39 590 Ft

Powerbank / Starter + Compressor 2in1 Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter, 8000mAh, 1000A USB (black)

Powerbank / Starter + Compressor 2in1 Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter, 8000mAh, 1000A USB (black)
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39 590 Ft

Powerbank / Starter + Compressor 2-in-1 Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter, 8000mAh (black).

Are you looking for a reliable device to start your car in cold weather? Or equipment that will allow you to inflate your tires at any time? With the help comes the Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter! The device is powerful enough to emergency start your car up to 50 times. The peak current of 1,000 A ensures that your car will start up in as little as a second. It is compatible with most vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines. In addition, you can also use it to inflate the wheels on your bicycle or charge the batteries in your phone! It is equipped with a powerful 8000 mAh battery. It is extremely easy to use, and a reliable security system guarantees a high level of safety during use.

Instant car start

The Baseus starter allows you to start your car quickly, while saving your precious time. With a starting current of 500A and a peak current of 1000A, you can start your car with a fully discharged battery in as little as 1 second! The device is compatible with most vehicles with 12V / 4.0l gasoline engines and 12V / 2.5l diesel engines. You can easily charge the battery in, for example, a sedan, SUV or motorcycle.

Resistant to all weather conditions

You don't have to worry about the starter not working on a frosty morning! The rugged device is fully resistant to changing weather conditions. You can use it even in extreme temperatures from -20°C to as high as 60°C. Regardless of the current weather, with the Baseus starter you will start your car in a second without damaging the battery.

Easy to use

The device is extremely easy to use. Only 3 steps separate you from firing up your car in no time. First, connect the ignition terminals to the starter's EC5 interface - the red and green flashing lights will inform you of the connection status. Then connect the wires to the battery accordingly - red with the terminal marked plus, and black with the terminal marked minus. Finally, all you have to do is start the car. What's more, specially designed smart ignition terminals will give you effective protection against reverse polarity. The starter will beep when it detects that the terminals have been connected incorrectly. With this system, you will avoid damage to the battery.

Intelligent tire inflation

The compressor has an intelligent tire inflation system that protects against over-inflation. The 19-cylinder high-pressure pump, which allows you to conveniently adjust the tire pressure, allows you to fill the R195 tire with air in just 7 minutes! When the battery is fully charged, you can easily inflate all 4 wheels. Now you can conveniently inflate the tires in your car without worrying about over-inflation. What's more, a set of adapters has been included, so you can inflate, among other things, a wheel on your bicycle, a basketball or a balloon!

Powerful battery

The powerbank has a battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, so you can easily use it at least a few times! Its exceptional low standby power consumption allows it to retain up to 85% of stored energy for up to a year from the last full charge (when not in use). Meanwhile, a number of safety features guarantee effective protection against overcharging, short-circuit, over-discharge, overheating or reverse connection, among others.

Functional add-ons

The powerbank is equipped with practical extras that will make it easier for you to use it. The built-in digital display keeps you informed about the battery's state of charge and pressure when inflating tires. On the other hand, the flashlight with 3 light modes - constant light, SOS and flashing light, will come in handy during an emergency stop on the road or an accident, especially at night.

Multifunctional operation

With the Baseus device, you will not only supply energy to your car battery or inflate your tires! You can also easily charge your smartphone battery. The powerbank has 2 USB output ports, which allow you to quickly charge your devices with a maximum of 3A. Its power rating is 29.6 Wh, so you can take the powerbank with you on a plane without the slightest problem.


  • 1 x Jump Starter CGCN000001
  • 1 x USB - USB Type C cable
  • 1 x Smart Ignition Terminal
  • 1 x Fabric carrying case
  • 2 x Pump adapters
  • 1 x Inflation needle
Weight1360 g
Capacity8000Ah / 29.6Wh
Rated capacity4800mAh
USB Type C input5V / 2.4A; 9V/2A [Max].
USB1 output5V/3A [Max].
USB1 + USB2 output5V/3A [Max].
Charging time3 hours
Starting current500A
Peak current1000A
Compressor power54W
Compressor pressure range5 - 150 PSI (If 150 PSI is exceeded, the LED will flash - in this case, absolutely stop pumping)
Pumping time7-9 mi

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