Phone suction cup mount PGYTECH
Phone suction cup mount PGYTECH
12 090 Ft

Phone suction cup mount PGYTECH

Phone suction cup mount PGYTECH
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12 090 Ft
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PGYTECH phone holder with suction cup

The PGYTECH P-PG-002 holder will allow you to attach your phone to your car windshield or other flat surface. It is equipped with a special suction cup, which guarantees a stable, secure attachment. Thanks to two ball joints, you can freely adjust its position and position the phone both horizontally and vertically. The accessory is also extremely durable - it will serve you well for a long time.

Multiple uses

Thanks to the convenient suction cup, you can stably attach the holder to your car windshield, shelf or desk. This way you can comfortably use navigation or ensure the optimal viewing angle while watching movies or participating in video conferences. The accessory will also make it easier for you to take notes. What's more, you can wash the suction cup under running water and reuse it after drying.


Adjust the position of your phone to suit your needs. The mount is equipped with 2 ball joints, so you can freely rotate and tilt it. Adjust it to comfortably use navigation, watch a TV series or operate a music player. With PGYTECH you don't have to limit yourself!

Exceptional stability

The P-PG-002 mount is extremely stable - don't worry that the phone placed in it will wobble or fall and be damaged. Even slowing thresholds and bumpy roads are not afraid of it! As many as 4 sturdy elements guarantee a firm grip and easily keep the smartphone in place. Also noteworthy are the anti-slip pads that protect the device from scratches and shocks.

Thoughtful design

This practical accessory is compatible with most smartphone models, with a maximum load capacity of 300g. A durable aluminum alloy and fiberglass-reinforced plastics are used in its construction. The mount is also very simple and convenient to use. What's more, thanks to a special cutout, you can easily charge the phone placed in it.

In the box

  • Phone holder with suction cup
  • User manual
NameSmartphone Suction Cup Mount
Dimensions of phoneLength: 130-175mm;
Width: 64-92mm;
Thickness: 0-15mm;
Lifting capacityUp to 300g
MaterialNylon + fiberglass, aluminum alloy
Working temperatureFrom -10°C to 40°C

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