Vízálló tok PGYTECH DJI Mavic Air 2s / Air 2 (P-16B-077) számára
Vízálló tok PGYTECH DJI Mavic Air 2s / Air 2 (P-16B-077) számára
24 790 Ft

Vízálló tok PGYTECH DJI Mavic Air 2s / Air 2 (P-16B-077) számára

Vízálló tok PGYTECH DJI Mavic Air 2s / Air 2 (P-16B-077) számára
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24 790 Ft

PGYTECH P-16B-077 waterproof case for DJI Mavic Air 2 or DJI Air 2S

Are you looking for a way to transport your DJI Air 2S or Mavic Air 2 comfortably yet safely? PGYTECH's capacious P-16B-077 case is sure to come in handy! IP67 rating means its waterproof, and thanks to the use of durable materials it is not afraid of shocks and impacts. Specially designed compartments will help you keep order, and the built-in pressure valve increases the safety of use in almost any conditions.


Optimal space organization thanks to special compartments

The case allows you to conveniently store your DJI Air 2S or Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo. You no longer need to transport your drone and accessories separately! Thanks to the carefully considered design of the product you can easily take care of order. The case has special compartments for, among others, DJI Air 2S or Mavic Air 2, 4 smart batteries, filters, cables and charging hub. You can also fit the smart controller in it. When storing your devices in it, you don't even have to remove the propellers and control sticks!


Unparalleled stability

The compartments in the case not only allow you to optimally organize your space, but also further protect the devices placed in them. The high-grade EVA sponge perfectly adheres to your drone and accessories, preventing them from falling out and providing them with shock protection. This way you can be sure that your equipment will remain stably in place - even while riding on a bumpy road!


Will perform under almost any conditions

Even the most extreme conditions can be overcome with PGYTECH carrying case. Its IP67 waterproof rating means you can submerge it to a depth of up to 1m without worry - no water will get inside! The product is also equipped with a special valve, which enables its safe opening, even at high pressure differences caused, for example, by changes in altitude. Take your drone on your next expedition and be sure that during transport nothing can happen to it!


Theft protection

The product will also allow you to protect your drone from theft. It has been equipped with specially reinforced locks that will ensure a reliable closure while allowing you to open it conveniently. Moreover, the double openings allow you to use additional padlocks. In this way, you will even better protect your equipment from getting into unwanted hands and enjoy peace of mind!


Practical and durable

This practical carrying case will serve you perfectly for many years. It was made of durable, damage-resistant materials. This makes it extremely resistant to corrosion and wear and allows you to use it in extreme temperatures - from -25°C to even 60°C. The ergonomic, non-slip handle will help you carry the case.


NameDJI Mavic Air 2/2S Safety Carrying Case (Standard)
MaterialPP, EVA
CompatibilityDJI Mavic Air 2/2S



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