Professional Tripod PGYTECH MANTISPOD 2.0 (Classic Black)
Professional Tripod PGYTECH MANTISPOD 2.0 (Classic Black)
25 490 Ft

Professional Tripod PGYTECH MANTISPOD 2.0 (Classic Black)

Professional Tripod PGYTECH MANTISPOD 2.0 (Classic Black)
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25 490 Ft
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PGYTECH MantisPod 2.0 Professional Tripod (Black)

The innovative MantisPod 2.0 tripod is a must-have for any vlogger! Thanks to its multiple modes, you can materialize any creative invention and record handheld without any hindrance, change angles from high to low and much more. The Cold Shoe adapter allows you to mount additional accessories. What's more, the product is compatible with all cameras, camcorders and phones weighing up to 2 kg. The included 1/4" screw allows convenient mounting of recording equipment. Thanks to its foldable design, the product will be great for traveling and will allow you to capture special moments!

Awaken your creativity with Mantis mode

The MantisPod 2.0 tripod will amaze you with the number of possibilities it offers! The Mantis mode allows you to hang the tripod in the place of your choice - on a tree, a railing, a fence - almost anywhere! This will give you a unique recording angle and create professional video footage. Are you worried that the product will not provide enough stability for your equipment? Don't be! The tripod provides up to 3 points of support, and its handle is made of solid aluminum alloy, so you can record interviews, dynamic shots and more without worry. Take the quality of your recordings to a new level!

A variety of recording modes

Mantis mode isn't the only one PGYTECH tripod offers. Realize all your creative ideas with High-angle, Low-angle, Handheld, Portrait and Briefcase modes. Do you often do live broadcasts? Or do you like to record travel reports? Your goal is to create dynamic shots where angles change from high to low? Or do you want to show off your pet's adorable footage on social media? With the MantisPod 2.0, anything is possible! Conveniently switch between modes and create unique content.

Achieve the comfort of your dreams while recording

Record with unparalleled freedom. PGYTECH's product is designed with convenience in mind, so you can efficiently switch from tripod to boom and vice versa without having to adjust the camera angle. What's more, you can quickly switch between panorama and portrait modes and record from a variety of angles. And that's still not all! The Cold Shoe mount allows you to easily mount additional accessories such as a microphone or lights, and the Arca-Swiss mount and 1/4" hole guarantee wide compatibility. You can also quickly and safely change the position of the mounting plate. As you can see - every detail has been taken care of!

A design that will delight you

Provide your equipment with the highest level of safety. The PGYTECH tripod is made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The legs of the MantisPod 2.0 model are made of non-slip material. The solutions used made the tripod stand out for its strength, it is extremely stable and can bear a load of up to 2 kg. The weight of the product is only 305 g, which, combined with the foldable design, allows you to tuck it into a bag or backpack and allows convenient transportation. Have the MantisPod 2.0 always with you and create unique materials anywhere!


  • MantisPod 2.0 tripod x1
  • Mounting base x1
  • User manual x1
NameMantisPod 2.0
MaterialAluminum alloys, fiberglass nylon
Weight305 g
HeightElevated tripod: 210 mm;
Lowered tripod: 130 mm;
Max. load2 kg
Dimensions of folded tripod195 x 42 x 115 mm
Thickness of the surface for hanging the tripod in Mantis modeUp to 90 mm
ModesMantis, High-angle, Low-angle, Handheld, Briefcase and Portrait
CompatibilityCameras, camcorders and phones with a maximum weight of 2 kg

Gyártói cikkszám:
402 g/db