P7 Flex MCS2129BR vezeték nélküli rúdporszívó
P7 Flex MCS2129BR vezeték nélküli rúdporszívó
89 390 Ft

P7 Flex MCS2129BR vezeték nélküli rúdporszívó

P7 Flex MCS2129BR vezeték nélküli rúdporszívó
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 1 db
89 390 Ft
Külső Raktár
1 db
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Midea P7 Flex MCS2129BR cordless upright vacuum cleaner

Are you looking for an efficient vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your entire home tidy? The Midea P7 Flex is sure to meet your expectations! The device provides suction power of up to 25,000Pa and is equipped with a bendable tube, which will make it easier for you to vacuum under furniture. It also features a 4-stage filtration system and a run time of up to 70 minutes. The kit also includes several interchangeable brushes and 2 different rollers for the main brush - one for hard floors and the other for carpets.

Even more convenient cleaning

Thanks to its cordless design, you can easily move the vacuum cleaner between rooms or carry it to the garage. The device is also surprisingly lightweight - it weighs only about 2.3kg. You can easily lift it to vacuum the ceiling or high attached shelves, for example. Also noteworthy is the vacuum cleaner's bendable tube, which allows you to conveniently clean floors under furniture - no more bending down!

It will work well on different types of surfaces

In your house there are both panels and carpets? No problem - the P7 Flex vacuum cleaner will work perfectly on all kinds of surfaces! The set includes 2 rollers designed for its floor brush. One of them is perfect for cleaning hard floors, for example, laminate and tile, and the other will prove indispensable on carpets. Swap them freely and be sure that your home is perfectly clean! You no longer need to buy an additional brush.

Long working time

Don't worry about having to charge your vacuum cleaner frequently. You don't have to take excessive breaks in cleaning anymore! The P7 Flex is equipped with a powerful battery that allows it to run for about 70 minutes per charge (depending on the mode). This is enough to thoroughly vacuum the floors even in a large apartment! To charge the device, use the included adapter. It is also possible to disconnect the battery if needed.

A reliable ally in the fight against dirt

Responsible for the efficient and reliable operation of the vacuum cleaner is a high-quality BLDC motor, which operates at speeds of up to 120,000rpm and stands out for its 450W power. It is thanks to it that the device can provide a suction power of about 150 watts. As a result, the floors in your home will shine clean! Say goodbye to dust, hair, dander and crumbs hidden in the carpet fibers - the P7 Flex will deal with them in no time.

Effective filtration

What else makes the P7 Flex vacuum cleaner handle dirt so well? The device uses a 4-stage filtration system with a HEPA filter, with which it effectively eliminates even extremely fine dust particles. Also noteworthy is the 0.65-liter waste tank, which prevents the proliferation of germs and secondary contamination through the use of antibacterial material with Ag+ ions.

Replacement brushes included

Want to keep every nook and cranny even tidier? The kit comes with several practical accessories to help you do just that! The smaller electric brush, for example, will allow you to thoroughly clean your mattress, while the 2-in-1 brush is perfect for vacuuming curtains and upholstery, for example. You'll also have a crevice brush at your disposal, so you can easily clean the recesses in chairs or sofas.

In the box

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • 2-in-1 upholstery brush
  • Crevice brush
  • Electric mattress brush
  • Storage station
  • Power adapter
  • Extra roller
ModelP7 Flex
Suction power150W
Suction power (vacuum)25,000Pa
Rechargeable battery29.6V, 2500mAh, detachable
Operating modes3
Operating timeApprox. 10 / 20 / 70min (depending on the selected mode)
Dust container capacity0.65l
Tube length64cm
Dimensions278 x 237 x 1180mm

Gyártói cikkszám:
11,27 kg/db