Orico Állítható laptop tartó (Fekete)
Orico Állítható laptop tartó (Fekete)
7 190 Ft

Orico Állítható laptop tartó (Fekete)

Orico Adjustable laptop holder (Black)
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7 190 Ft
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NSN-C1-BK-BP laptop stand

Now you can enjoy more comfort when you work, search for information on the Internet or watch movies. Orico's laptop stand will give you the comfort you've been dreaming of and avoid back pain! The 7-stage height adjustment allows you to optimally adjust it to your needs, and a special opening ensures better heat dissipation. At the same time, the product is lightweight and portable, yet durable.

7-stage height adjustment

Adjust the stand to your needs. The product allows 7-stage height adjustment within the range of 9.6-16.4cm. Thanks to this, you will successfully position it in such a way that you look at the laptop screen at the right angle and avoid bending down, and thus possible back pain.

Plenty of uses

A laptop stand can come in handy for you in many applications. You will successfully use it at work - thanks to it you will position your laptop in such a way as to ensure comfort for many hours of use. It will also allow you to comfortably watch movies and TV series. Do you like to exercise and watch training tutorials at the same time? Orico brand stand will help you do that too!

Made for your devices

Do you use a laptop at work? Or do you often watch videos on your tablet? The Orico brand stand will certainly come in handy for you! The product can handle most of the popular devices available on the market. It is made of durable ABS plastic, so it will easily hold both tablets and laptops.

Unparalleled stability

The stand is designed to provide your devices with unparalleled stability. The anti-slip pads on its underside ensure that it will not slide on the surface of your desk or table. They also secure the place where you should place your laptop, protecting it from a possible fall.

Effective heat dissipation

Are you worried that your laptop may overheat? Don't be! The carefully thought-out design of the stand and the use of heat-resistant ABS plastic ensure better, more efficient heat dissipation. Now you can work, watch movies and play even the most dynamic games without worry.

It can accompany you almost anywhere

Are you going on vacation or on a business trip? Or maybe you want to take the stand to work? No problem! The product is extremely lightweight and portable - transporting it will not be a challenge. If necessary, you can also fold the stand to take up even less space. This way you can easily fit it in your bag, suitcase or backpack.

Refined to the last detail

The Orico laptop stand also impresses with its perfectly thought-out design. Its modern, minimalist design is likely to appeal to many users. The product is also distinguished by an extremely pleasant to the touch texture, thanks to which no fingerprints remain visible on its surface, and keeping it clean is child's play.

Height adjustment7-step

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