Kamera hátizsák PGYTECH OneGo (Obszidián fekete) (P-CB-028)
Kamera hátizsák PGYTECH OneGo (Obszidián fekete) (P-CB-028)
65 790 Ft

Kamera hátizsák PGYTECH OneGo (Obszidián fekete) (P-CB-028)

Kamera hátizsák PGYTECH OneGo (Obszidián fekete) (P-CB-028)
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Raktáron: 8 db
65 790 Ft
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8 db
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PGYTECH OneGo Backpack

The PGYTECH OneGo Backpack is the perfect combination of functionality and style. Sleek and roomy - it will work well for many uses, such as work or travel. The modular design and customizable interior allow you to organize your space perfectly to suit the situation. You can also open the backpack from almost all sides for quick and easy access to all your belongings. OneGo is also extremely durable, wear-resistant and comfortable to use.

You can fit everything you need in it

The capacity of the backpack is up to 18 l - you can easily fit everything you want in it. Photographic equipment you need for work? Change of clothes and cosmetics necessary for travel? Or maybe a notebook, laptop and console, without which you cannot imagine leaving home every day? OneGo will provide safe and convenient transport of the items you care about.

Organize space in your backpack

An undoubted advantage of the OneGo is its modular design. You will find several practical compartments, which will allow you to optimally organize the space in your backpack. Adjust their arrangement and place them in the desired location - it is up to you. Using the possibilities offered by this practical backpack you will easily keep all your packed items in order.

Instant access to packed items

OneGo provides easy and quick access to the items stowed inside. You can completely open the front of the backpack to conveniently remove any item from it, no matter where it is placed. Also, both sides of the bag are open so you have the ability to reach what you need in no time. Never lose the perfect shot again - instantly take your camera out of the backpack and capture a stunning photo.

Designed for your convenience

This is not the end of the conveniences OneGo provides. The magnetic closure allows you to quickly close and open the backpack. Dedicated pocket and a special compartment allow you to comfortably and safely transport your laptop and tablet at the same time. Pockets for batteries are equipped with color indicators, with which you can indicate the level of charge of each battery. Moreover, additional pockets and straps allow you to store more items.

Ergonomic and durable

The backpack has been made of high-end, durable, yet breathable materials. Thanks to this, it guarantees incredible comfort of use. You can comfortably wear it even throughout the day. The OneGo is also waterproof and dustproof. It is also resistant to scratches. This excellent quality backpack will ensure the safety of the items stored in it and will serve you fantastically for a long time.

ColorObsidian Black
Capacity18 l
External dimensions44 x 32 x 18 cm
Weight1.95 kg (with dividers: 2.2 kg)
MaterialPOLY material with PU coating, leather, EVA / XPE

Gyártói cikkszám:
4,213 kg/db