Hobbywing Xerun V10 G3 10.5T 4500KV kefe nélküli motor
Hobbywing Xerun V10 G3 10.5T 4500KV kefe nélküli motor
40 290 Ft

Hobbywing Xerun V10 G3 10.5T 4500KV kefe nélküli motor

Hobbywing Xerun V10 G3 10.5T 4500KV kefe nélküli motor
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4 munkanap
Raktáron: 2 db
40 290 Ft
Külső Raktár
2 db
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Even better performance

The Hobbywing G3 engines are the successor to the well-known V10 G2 versions. The new Stock and Modified versions of the engines feature a completely new design, which translates into lighter weight and better performance. The Stock Spec models have a higher torque and KV value by 4% and 16% respectively compared to the V10 G2 Stock Spec engines. The high speed and torque will make your model the secret weapon in Stock class racing.


Linearity of operation

The built-in high-precision hall sensor, combined with the precision and balance of the rotor, guarantee incredible linearity of motor operation.


Super lightweight

The G3 Modified and Stock motor weigh only 161g and 132g respectively. The weight has been reduced by 11% and 21%, respectively, compared to the V10 G2 sinuosity. With less weight, riders can easily adjust the balance of their vehicles.


Asymmetrical bearings

To increase load-carrying capacity, the size of the front bearing on the Sinlik G3 has been increased by 26% compared to the G2 version. To reduce drag, the rear bearing has been reduced by 6%. The asymmetrical design will make the engine run much smoother and more stable.


Excellent heat dissipation

The special housing design means that the stator core is exposed to the air to maximise cooling. Large openings* on the front and rear end plates guarantee excellent heat dissipation from the engine. * Please note that 5.5T~8.5T engines are typically used in off-road vehicles, so the factory endplates have small holes


Two different endplates

End plates with large holes used on 3.5T~5.0T and 10.5T~21.5T engines provide excellent engine heat dissipation for on-road vehicles.
End plates with small holes used on 5.5T~8.5T engines prevent sand or other debris from entering, preventing damage to engines on off-road vehicles. The user can purchase any end plates and install them in their engine according to their needs.


Disassembled design

The design of the unit allows it to be disassembled for regular cleaning and maintenance, extending the life of the engine and maintaining its efficiency.


Infinitely adjustable timing

Mechanical timing allows for extremely precise and smooth value adjustments. Anti-slip lines at the rear of the motor guarantee the stability of the selected settings.


High-quality components


Model 30401112
KV 4500
LiPo power supply 2S
Number of coils 10,5 T
Weight 133 g
Diameter 35.9 mm
Length 50.5 mm
Shaft length 14 mm
Shaft diameter 3.17 mm
Maximum power 260 W
Peak current 74 A
Timing 30 - 60
Rotor Φ7,3-12,5
Application 1:10 Drift, Stock Class, On-Road Racing

Gyártói cikkszám:
200 g/db