Hobbywing AX540L R2-2800kV BLS meghajtó készlet
Hobbywing AX540L R2-2800kV BLS meghajtó készlet
87 990 Ft

Hobbywing AX540L R2-2800kV BLS meghajtó készlet

Hobbywing AX540L R2-2800kV BLS meghajtó készlet
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 4 db
87 990 Ft
Külső Raktár
4 db
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Hobbywing AXE540L R2-2800kV BLS Drive Kit

Designed for rock crawlers, this drive kit from Hobbywing provides reliable performance and efficiency. Its included 2800KV motor is not very prone to failure. Its sensor port is waterproof and stands out for its small size, so you'll avoid wiring problems. Advanced technologies used in the controller, such as FOC, for example, give you full control over the vehicle and ensure quiet, efficient operation. The devices are waterproof - so you can use them in almost any conditions. The Hobbywing app provides additional capabilities, and the built-in Bluetooth module makes pairing quick and easy.


FOC technology - high torque and extremely quiet operation

The new FOC (Field-oriented Control) sensor technology has significantly improved the performance, usability and adjustability of the new AXE ESC. It enables incredibly precise control and detection of motor operation, while guaranteeing the reliability of the device. It is now possible to perfectly match the drive speed to the throttle position - no matter what conditions you ride in. This makes the controller ideal for downhill riding, for example, giving you full control. FOC technology is also responsible for the quiet operation of the entire system - say goodbye to annoying noise!


Full control

The regulator is equipped with new FOC sensors. It also enables intelligent torque control and closed-loop speed control. What does this mean in practice? The regulator is able to maintain torque and engine speed, even if driving conditions change. It doesn't matter if you're going uphill, downhill or with an extra load - the Axe system will make sure that everything happens exactly the way you want it to.


Protection against reverse polarity

Don't worry about damaging the regulator or the motor connected to it. Axe R2 has been given a unique reverse polarity protection for the battery. No matter how many times you mount it in the opposite way, you don't have to worry about anything. Your devices will always be properly protected - they are in no danger of failure.


Apply regardless of the weather

Do you happen to drive in varied conditions? No worries! You can use Hobbywing's practical ESC system almost anytime, anywhere. The AXE system takes IP-67 protection to a whole new level. The sealed design of the device and the durable heat sink housing make the controller ready for any challenge. The motor will not let you down either. Whether sunshine or rain - with Hobbywing you can ride in any weather!


Dual mode - multiple applications

The controller is perfectly suited for a variety of applications. The AXE FOC Crawler system supports dual mode operation - not only the classic "forward/reverse" (rock crawler), but also "forward/reverse with braking (normal)". Thus, you will successfully adapt its operation to your needs and use it in any situation.


Programmable settings - develop higher speeds

Are you looking for interesting possibilities? We have excellent news for you! In addition to the usual parameters that guarantee optimal vehicle performance, there are also timing/boost settings that will allow you to reach higher speeds. On long, windy tracks, similar possibilities often prove invaluable!


Check out what the app offers

Get access to additional features - it's provided by the Hobbywing app, which you can download to your phone for free. The built-in Bluetooth module allows you to quickly and easily pair the controller with your smartphone - you don't need additional cables or devices. View stored data, program settings and track device parameters in real time, such as voltage, current, RPM or temperature, for example.


Reliable braking

Enjoy the ability to fine-tune your brake - you'll even set the speed of your brake! This allows you to ride at high speeds without worrying about sudden jerks or stops when you release the throttle. All this ensures reliable braking in almost any situation.


Advanced electronic switch and internal BEC

Axe R2 is equipped with an electronic switch that ensures reliable operation and safe use. Its rugged housing is resistant to dust, dirt and water. This extends the life of the regulator and avoids the problems that are common with standard on/off switches. The device also has a built-in BEC mode switch with a maximum output current of 13 A. On the other hand, you can regulate the voltage in the range of 6-7.4 V. This means you can use a variety of standard servos, high-voltage servos and other peripherals.


Precision magnetic encoder

The motor has a built-in high-precision magnetic encoder that transmits the necessary information to the controller. This allows the ESC to receive more data than is the case with standard Hall sensors. This in turn translates into increased performance and efficiency of the equipment.


Regulator specifications

Product name XeRun Axe
Scale 1:10
Continuous / instantaneous current 80A / 480A
Power supply 2-3S LiPo, 6-9S NiMH
BEC output Mode switch: 6V/7.4V - 6A
Bluetooth module Active
Software update Active
Size 47.4 x 36.2 x 26.5mm
Weight 108g
Dedicated 1/10th Rock Crawler

Engine Specifications

Poles 4
LiPo 2S-3S
Current 3.6A
Diameter 36.0 mm
Length 57.8 mm
Shaft length 16 mm
Shaft diameter 3,175 mm
Weight 234 grams
Motor 2800 kV

Gyártói cikkszám:
548 g/db