Havit H656d játék fejhallgató RGB
Havit H656d játék fejhallgató RGB
7 490 Ft

Havit H656d játék fejhallgató RGB

Havit H656d játék fejhallgató RGB
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7 490 Ft

Havit H656d gaming headphones

Now you can hear every opponent even better and enjoy superior sound quality. The H656d gaming headphones are equipped with 50mm speakers that deliver crystal clear sound. The omni-directional, adjustable microphone captures your voice perfectly, allowing you to communicate freely with other gamers. The product is lightweight and comfortable, so you can play for hours without tiring. The colorful RGB backlighting gives the headset a unique gaming feel.

Hear every opponent perfectly

Don't let your opponents surprise you. The 50mm magnetic speakers provide excellent audio quality, and the 3D surround sound lets you find your way around the game even better and locate your rivals with precision. Havit lets you hear the footsteps of approaching enemies and instantly anticipate their movements.

Talk with your team members unhindered

Freely plan tactics, exchange notes during gameplay, and alert your team members to possible danger. The headset features an omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone for comfortable, interference-free communication with other players. It's bendable so you can customize the H656d to fit your needs even better.

Convenient, practical, stylish

Play as long as you want without fear of discomfort. Made of skin-friendly, breathable material, the soft earcups fit snugly around your ears without causing undue pressure. You can easily adjust the adjustable headband to fit your listening habits. The headphones look extremely stylish. Simple, modern design will appeal to many users, and colorful, gaming backlighting attracts the eye and gives the product an original character.

Wide compatibility

You can successfully connect the headphones to the device of your choice. The H656d are compatible with computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more! They also work with consoles such as PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch, for example. The plug&play technology avoids configuration problems and the need to install drivers - just plug in the headphones! Note: to connect the H656d to an XBOX series console, you may need a Microsoft adapter (not included).

Speaker diameter50mm
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz
Cable length2.2m
Connectors3.5mm AUX + USB

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