Baseus mini autókompresszor (fekete)
Baseus mini autókompresszor (fekete)
11 190 Ft

Baseus mini autókompresszor (fekete)

Baseus mini autókompresszor (fekete)
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11 190 Ft

Baseus mini car compressor CRCQ000001

Lack of air in your tire on the way to work? Mini compressor Baseus will be reliable in such situations. With its help, you will instantly refill the air in the tires or ball. Thanks to compact design, you will store it easily. It can be powered from any 12V car socket, and the LED display provides convenient access to the most important information.

It will never let you down

Baseus mini compressor is a device you can rely on! The product's motor reaches up to 18000 revolutions per minute, so you can quickly refill the air in your ball, for example. It takes only a minute to fill up a tire with 30l of air. Whereas, you will inflate 4 car tires in about 25 minutes.

Intelligent performance

Another advantage of the device is intelligent pumping. Set the desired pressure and let the pump work - when the selected value is reached, the mini compressor will automatically stop working. With Baseus you can always enjoy a comfortable ride.

LED display

To make using the mini compressor convenient, the device is equipped with an LED display that will provide you with the most essential information. The screen will show the pressure measurement result during use in units: PSI or Bar.


You can carry your Baseus device with you at all times. Mini compressor weighs only 480 g and its dimensions are 220 x 46 x 48 mm. This way you can easily fit it in your backpack, bag, or store it in the glove compartment of your car. In addition, the product is equipped with a flashlight to make using it after dark easier.


  • Mini compressor
  • 2 tips
  • Needle
  • Tube
  • Charging cable
Input voltage12V (via cigarette lighter socket)
Light sourceLED
Pressure range0.2-150 PSI
Tube length18 cm
Pumping speed30 l / min
Dimensions220 x 46 x 48 mm
Cable length3 m

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548 g/db.