Baseus I-Wok Pro monitorlámpa fényerőszabályzóval (fekete)
Baseus I-Wok Pro monitorlámpa fényerőszabályzóval (fekete)
13 590 Ft

Baseus I-Wok Pro monitorlámpa fényerőszabályzóval (fekete)

Baseus I-Wok Pro monitorlámpa fényerőszabályzóval (fekete)
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Raktáron: 717 db.
13 590 Ft

Baseus I-Wok Pro Monitor Lamp

The Baseus I-Wok monitor lamp shines at a 45° angle, making it illuminate your workspace, not the screen you are using. This prevents light from reflecting on the display, protecting your eyesight and allowing you to focus completely on performing your duties. You can easily adjust the angle of the light to suit your needs.

Natural lighting

The full-spectrum LED light simulates natural sunlight, making it completely safe and comfortable for your eyes. The Ra97 color rendering index means it reproduces colors perfectly, so all the objects it illuminates will always look almost like they're in the sunlight.

Customize the lighting to your needs

The I-Wok lamp also offers you the option to adjust the lighting. You can easily adjust both its brightness and color temperature from 3000K to 6500K. You have the option of setting a bright, white light or on the contrary, a darker and warm one. Freely adjust these parameters according to your needs and preferences. Your chosen brightness settings can be memorized - even if you disconnect the device from the power source. So you don't have to readjust them every time.

Easy and quick installation

A very big advantage of the lamp is its place of mounting. It is mounted directly on the monitor in an extremely easy way. Once mounted, it can always be placed in the right place. All this means that the device will not take up too much space on your desk. The lamp can be attached to monitors that are 5-40mm thick.

Solid and elegant design

The lamp has a USB-C input, so even your computer or powerbank can be used as its power source. You will also find a suitable cable in the set. The material used for the production of the lamp is high quality aluminum alloy, which ensures exceptional durability of the device and its stylish, elegant appearance.

NameI-Wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (fighting) Pro
MaterialAluminium alloy+ABS+PC
Rated voltage5V
Rated power5W (Max.)
Light sourceLED
Number of LED80
Color temperature3000K-6500K
Lumen valueup to 160lm
Operating temperature-10°C-40°C
Net weight480g
Display thickness5-40mm
SizeLamp: 464x100mm;
Clamp: 38mm;
Set contentsLamp, cable

Gyártói cikkszám:
750 g/db.