Baseus Heyo Rejtett kamera detektor (Fehér)
Baseus Heyo Rejtett kamera detektor (Fehér)
4 890 Ft 
3 890 Ft

Baseus Heyo Rejtett kamera detektor (Fehér)

Baseus Heyo Rejtett kamera detektor (Fehér)
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 41 db.
Kezdete: 2023.11.29   Vége: 2023.12.05
Megtakarítás 1 000 Ft
3 890 Ft
4 890 Ft 

Baseus Heyo hidden camera detector (white)

Protect your privacy with the Baseus Heyo. The product detects hidden cameras using infrared. It stands out for its long operating time and lightweight and compact design, so you can carry it with you on any trip. What's more, it has 2 operating modes and provides a long detection range.


Don't let hidden cameras ruin your vacation. The device will find its use in places such as hotel rooms, rented apartments, fitting rooms, etc. What's more, it detects different types of cameras, for greater freedom of use.


The device is equipped with a 3D chip, which stands out for its high accuracy. In addition, it uses infrared, with which it detects hidden cameras indoors. All you have to do is scan the selected area. Its range reaches 5 meters, so you don't have to worry about accidentally missing high places.

2 operation modes

Customize the detector's operation to suit your needs. The device offers two operating modes that you can use at will. Choose Always-on mode to scan the room without interruption, or Strobing mode - for greater precision.

Thoughtful design

The Baseus Heyo hidden camera detector has a 60 mAh battery, which makes the device stay in standby mode for about 720 h. Meanwhile, the included USB-C cable will facilitate charging. In addition, the lightweight (15 g) and compact design add to the convenience of use. Moreover, the included pendant allows you to clip the product to your keys or backpack.


  • camera detector
  • USB-C cable
Manufacturer Baseus
Model BS-HA016
Color white
Weight 15 g
Rated voltage DC 5V / 0.1A
Battery capacity 60 mAh
Working time in standby mode approx. 720 h
Material ABS+PC
Dimensions 43 x 8 x 42 mm

Gyártói cikkszám:
43 g/db.