Baseus EasyJourney Táska (sötétszürke)
Baseus EasyJourney Táska (sötétszürke)
3 890 Ft

Baseus EasyJourney Táska (sötétszürke)

Baseus EasyJourney Táska (sötétszürke)
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3 890 Ft

Baseus EasyJourney bag (gray)

Make it easy to transport and store small devices, cables or memory cards. The Baseus EasyJourney bag is distinguished by its large capacity, while being extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It is made of durable, pleasant-to-touch materials that are resistant to water and grease. As a result, it will provide reliable protection for the items placed inside!


Large capacity

Despite its small size, the bag surprises with its considerable capacity. You can easily fit in it, for example, a charging cable, powerbank, TWS headphones, wireless mouse, USB drive and more! Now you can always have everything you need at hand. The Baseus EasyJourney bag is the perfect solution for when you're traveling!


Lightweight and handy

Don't like to travel with too much luggage? Baseus EasyJourney bag will be perfect for you! The product is extremely light and compact - its dimensions are just 17.5x6.5x11.5cm. What's more, its carrying is facilitated by a practical handle. With Baseus your travels will become even more pleasant!


Top quality workmanship

High-quality PU leather was used to make the bag, which is distinguished by its resistance to water and grease. So you can be sure that the devices placed in it are safe! Keeping it clean will not be a problem for you either. What's more, the bag has been very carefully stitched - no loose threads. All this makes that it will serve you perfectly for a long time!


Comfort of use

The materials used to make the bag are not only extremely durable, but also pleasant to the touch. This makes using it even more comfortable! The product is also equipped with a high-quality zipper, which allows it to open and close smoothly and quickly - don't worry about it jamming!


NameEasyJourney Series Storage Bag
MaterialPU leather

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295 g/db.