Baseus Crystal iPhone 12 Pro Átlátszó tok és üvegfólia
Baseus Crystal iPhone 12 Pro Átlátszó tok és üvegfólia
4 390 Ft

Baseus Crystal iPhone 12 Pro Átlátszó tok és üvegfólia

Baseus Crystal iPhone 12 Pro Átlátszó tok és üvegfólia
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4 390 Ft
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20 db
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Protective set Baseus Crystal transparent case and tempered glass for iPhone 12 Pro (ultra thin)

Provide your smartphone with maximum security. The Baseus Crystal protective set, which consists of a transparent case and tempered glass, will effectively protect your phone from damage and keep your device looking neat. The set is compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Taking care of your phone

Do you happen to drop your phone? Forget about the stress that accompanies this event! The Baseus brand case is made of durable and highly flexible material, so it cushions drops and protects your device up to 50% more than the average case. The new Air Armor protection system is designed to keep your smartphone's lens safe. In addition, the improved edges are equipped with 0.1mm thick air cushions, further enhancing damage resistance while allowing the case to remain thin.

Aesthetic appearance

To make sure that the Baseus Crystal case maintains a neat appearance, more than 10,000 laboratory tests were performed. This made it possible to prudently select high-quality materials that are resistant to yellowing. Regardless of the environment in which you use the product, you do not have to worry about losing its aesthetic appearance. Oleophobic coating ensures that the case is resistant to traces of use, such as fingerprints and sweat stains. The case is only 0.3 mm thick and fits the iPhone 12 Pro perfectly.

Thoughtful design

The Baseus Crystal case effectively dissipates heat, so you don't have to worry about overheating your device. For your convenience, the case has cutouts for buttons. In addition, because the product is extremely thin, you can comfortably use the wireless charger and charge your phone without removing the case. The case also comes with tempered glass, so every part of your smartphone will be protected to the maximum. The application of the glass is extremely simple. All for the sake of your comfort!


  • case
  • tempered glass
  • mounting accessories
NameBaseus Crystal Series Ultra-Thin Case
Manufacturing techniqueinjection molding
FitsiPhone 12 Pro

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89 g/db