Baseus Breathless elektronikus alkoholszonda LCD kijelzővel (Fekete)
Baseus Breathless elektronikus alkoholszonda LCD kijelzővel (Fekete)
12 290 Ft

Baseus Breathless elektronikus alkoholszonda LCD kijelzővel (Fekete)

Baseus Breathless elektronikus alkoholszonda LCD kijelzővel (Fekete)
Szállítási idő
4 munkanap
Raktáron: 611 db
12 290 Ft
Külső Raktár
611 db
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Baseus CRCX-01 Breathalyzer

Baseus brand breathalyzer will allow you to quickly and safely check your breath alcohol level. Built-in chip provides accurate measurement and easy to read LED display allows you to conveniently read the results. The device is also equipped with an intuitive light indicator and is CE and FCC certified. It is very easy to use and its working time reaches 3 months on a single charge.

Fast and precise measurement

The product is equipped with an advanced chip that ensures its stable operation and resistance to interference. It also guarantees high precision measurements. The breathalyzer also has a built-in special filter, which stops substances other than alcohol, so that they do not affect the test result in any way. What's more, thanks to the solutions used, the device measures the concentration of alcohol extremely quickly - it takes only about 20 seconds!

Safe for health

The device is designed to provide you with maximum hygiene of use and allow you to avoid the multiplication of bacteria. The mouthless design means that you only need to blow into the breathalyzer from a distance of 10cm. Note: for hygienic reasons it is not recommended to share the product with other users.

HD display

The built-in LED screen allows you to conveniently read the measurement result. High contrast makes the display very clear and easy to read. The breathalyzer supports 2 units - g/l (Chinese standard) and %BAC (American standard).

Light and sound indicator

The breathalyzer has a light indicator that glows different colors depending on the alcohol concentration in the breath. Green indicates sobriety, orange indicates that you should not be driving, and red indicates intoxication. Both orange and red lights are combined with an audible signal.

Long runtime

The durable 130mAh battery means that a fully charged breathalyzer can last you up to 3 months. To charge the device, simply connect it to a power source using the included USB-C cable.

Tailored to your needs

Operating the breathalyzer is extremely easy - just turn the knob located on the bottom. The device is so light and compact that you can always have it at hand. The leather handle allows you to attach it to a lanyard or key ring. In the set you will also find a special U-shaped base, which allows you, for example, to conveniently mount the breathalyzer in your car.

In the box

  • Breathalyzer
  • U-shaped storage base
  • USB-C charging cable (1m)
Charging timeAbout 2-3 hours
Charging portUSB-C
Input5V / 0.12A (max)
WeightAbout 292g

Gyártói cikkszám:
95 g/db