Baseus Bowie WM02 TWS fülhallgató (fekete) OS
Baseus Bowie WM02 TWS fülhallgató (fekete) OS
10 990 Ft

Baseus Bowie WM02 TWS fülhallgató (fekete) OS

Baseus Bowie WM02 TWS fülhallgató (fekete) OS
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10 990 Ft

TWS Baseus Bowie WM02 (black) OS headphones

Ergonomic design, original design, stable wireless connection and long working time are the main advantages of TWS Baseus Bowie WM02 OS headphones. Lightweight and handy, they are no problem to transport, and the powerful battery provides up to 25 h of operation. Bluetooth 5.3 guarantees a reliable connection, while the transparent elements of the case add a chic touch. Low latency of 60 ms and convenient touch operation are also a plus.


Excellent sound

With built-in Hi-Fi speakers, the TWS Baseus Bowie WM02 OS headphones will delight you with high sound quality. They provide deep bass and crystal clear treble, which will allow you to rediscover your favorite songs and enjoy superior sound quality. Also noteworthy are the dynamic neodymium drivers that effectively reduce distortion.


Stable connection and low latency

Do you value wireless solutions? Baseus Bowie WM02 OS will meet your expectations. They use Bluetooth 5.3, which stands out for its exceptional stability and low power consumption, so you can forget about interference and signal problems. Another advantage is the ultra-low latency of 60 ms, which ensures perfect synchronization of video and audio.


Long working time and fast charging

Tired of charging your headphones too often? The Bowie WM02 OS will let you solve this problem. With a powerful battery and low power consumption, the headphones can play music for 5h, and the included charging case extends this time to up to 25h. Thanks to fast-charging technology, it only takes 10 minutes to use the headphones for 2h.


Comfortable operation

With the stylish Baseus brand headphones, you don't even need to take out your smartphone to manage the device's functions. All you have to do is touch the headphones to start playback, stop playback, activate the voice assistant or answer the phone. You'll also find a lot of interesting possibilities in the Baseus app - it will allow you to check the battery status in real time or find lost headphones.


Stylish and ergonomic

The headphones have been equipped with silicone overlays, making them extremely comfortable and well-fitting to your ears. They come in several sizes, making it easy to customize them to fit you. Special light indicators inform you about low battery or charging status, and the transparent case cover looks modern and stylish.



  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Replacement rubber bands x3 pairs (one pair already on the headphones)
Manufacturer Baseus
Model Bowie WM02 OS
Color Black
Material ABS
Bluetooth version 5.3
Range 10 m
Operating time Up to 5 h (70% volume)
Operating time with case Approximately 20-25 h
Earphone battery capacity 40 mAh / 0.148 Wh
Battery capacity of the case 300 mAh / 1.11 Wh
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Charging port USB-C
Weight 33 g
Case dimensions 44 × 44 × 30.5 mm
Dimensions of headphones 24.3 × 24.3 mm

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Gyártói cikkszám:
88 g/db.