Hátizsák PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L (űrfekete)
Hátizsák PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L (űrfekete)
91 590 Ft

Hátizsák PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L (űrfekete)

Backpack PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L (space black)
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4 munkanap
Raktáron: 22 db
91 590 Ft
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22 db
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PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L Photo Backpack (black)

Do you often travel and take photos? Are you professionally involved in photography? Make it easy to transport your essential equipment and keep it safely stored! The PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L photo backpack provides convenient access to all your most important equipment and offers plenty of compartments that you can freely adjust to your needs. It also provides comfortable use and is very durable. It also comes with a practical shoulder bag.

Large capacity

Don't be afraid that you will run out of space for all the equipment you need. The backpack is distinguished by a capacity of 35 liters, which can be easily expanded by an additional 7l or 10l. This way you can easily fit your camera, stabilizer, sun visor, clothes, water bottle, collapsible tripod, drone, control camera, extra batteries, laptop, wallet, phone or interchangeable lenses. In addition, the OneMo 2's main pocket can be fully opened for convenient access to the items placed inside.

For your comfort

Enjoy greater comfort even during long expeditions and photo shoots. The OneMo 2 perfectly adapts to the shape of your back, and thanks to the use of a special mesh, it provides excellent ventilation and prevents sweating. Also noteworthy is the detachable chest strap and additional straps, which stabilize the backpack and are responsible for a more even distribution of weight, relieving pressure on the spine. What's more, specially designed suspenders made of EVA foam guarantee even greater comfort.

Optimal organization of space

The backpack is equipped with special compartments that will make it easier for you to stay organized. You can also freely change their position, adjusting them to your needs and the type of equipment you want to transport. The OneMo 2 also offers plenty of small pockets designed to store cables, batteries, phone, AirTag and many other accessories. You'll also find a special compartment for your laptop, which is lined with high-quality protective foam.

Even more amenities

The manufacturer has taken care to make using the backpack as comfortable as possible. The left harness allows you to quickly install a camera mount, and on the right you'll find a special pocket for your phone. The OneMo 2 also offers several additional mounting points to which you can attach the equipment of your choice. In addition, several available handles allow you to carry the backpack in different ways - for example, vertically, horizontally or upside down.

Backpack for special tasks

Have confidence that the devices placed in the backpack are safe regardless of the conditions. The backpack was created from high-quality materials and covered with a special PU coating, making it extremely durable. The OneMo 2 is also splash-proof, and if you get caught in more intense rain during your expedition, just put on an additional waterproof cover. What's more, the backpack's zippers have been designed to make it more difficult to possibly steal items placed inside.

Additional bag included

The set also includes a practical bag that you can carry on your shoulder or use as a pouch. Pack the most necessary devices in it and have them always within reach! Several available pockets will make it easy for you to store small items such as cables or memory cards, and the large compartment will allow you to quickly find and remove the accessories you want. If necessary, you can also simply stow the bag in your backpack.

In the box

  • OneMo 2 35l backpack
  • Shoulder bag
  • Compartment A x2
  • Compartment C x4
  • Compartment D x2
  • Compartment F x2
  • Compartment G x2
  • Compartment H x2
  • Compartment attachment strap x1
  • Chest strap x1
  • Accessory strap x2
  • Waist belt x1
  • Shoulder bag strap x1
  • Packing bag x1
  • Tag card x1
  • Promo card x1
  • Logo sticker x1
NameOneMo 2
Capacity of the backpack35l (+ 7l / 10l)
Capacity of the shoulder bag5l (main compartment 3.5l + extension 1.5l)
Weight of the backpackWithout compartments: 1.96kg;
With compartments and straps: 2.42kg;
Weight of shoulder bagWithout compartments: 0.43kg;
With compartments: 0.5kg;
Dimensions of the backpack540 x 330 x 235mm
Dimensions of shoulder bag275 x 185 x 135mm

Gyártói cikkszám:
13,075 kg/db