AirPop Kids NV szmogellenes maszk 4 db rózsaszín
AirPop Kids NV szmogellenes maszk 4 db rózsaszín
3 990 Ft

AirPop Kids NV szmogellenes maszk 4 db rózsaszín

AirPop Kids NV szmogellenes maszk 4 db rózsaszín
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3 990 Ft

Face Mask AirPOP Kids NV 4pcs (Pink)

Designed for children ages 3 and up. Designed with the respiratory volume of young lungs, ergonomic small face fit and the best innovations in mind. Made of breathable materials, it has a lightweight design and exceptional filtration. It will help protect your child's health, keeping him or her comfortable and safe.



The AirPop baby mask uses a 3D sponge seal to reduce pressure on the back of the nose and face. As a result, your child will not experience discomfort while wearing it. Every face is different, so the Ergo Foam is shaped to fill the hard-to-seal area around the back of the nose. All of this provides comprehensive protection for the child, while maintaining complete comfort - both while studying and resting, as well as playing.


High protective power

AirPop Kids mask perfectly protects children's health, as evidenced by international certification GB2626-2006KN90, >91% <PM0.3 filtration efficiency. It can block harmful particles such as smog, pollen, bacteria, second-hand smoke and car exhaust. So your child will be protected in almost any situation - on the way to school or kindergarten, on the playground or while traveling. Effective protection is provided by filter cartridges, which have as many as 4 layers: protective layer, microfiltration layer, electrostatic layer, skin-friendly layer


Special case

A sleek and slim case (sold separately) has been designed for convenience. Simply fold the mask along the dotted line and place it in the case, which provides unparalleled mobility. By using such a solution, your child can conveniently fold the mask and take it with them almost anywhere to enjoy comfort and safety in any situation.



Number of layers4
CertificationsCE, FDA
StandardEN ISO 10993-5: 2009-10
Filtration level>91%
UsageUp to 40 hours of continuous use
Performance standardGB2626-2006
Dimensions14 x 15 x 15 cm
Weight13 g

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475 g/db.