Mitesszer eltávolító nagyítóval ANLAN ALTHY10-02  (fehér)
Mitesszer eltávolító nagyítóval ANLAN ALTHY10-02 (fehér)
9 790 Ft

Mitesszer eltávolító nagyítóval ANLAN ALTHY10-02 (fehér)

Mitesszer eltávolító nagyítóval ANLAN ALTHY10-02 (fehér)
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Raktáron: 6 db.
9 790 Ft

Vacuum cleaner for blackheads and blackheads with magnifying glass ANLAN ALTHY10-02 (white).

Now you can save money on visits to the beauty salon! Anlan mustache vacuum cleaner will help you effectively fight imperfections! It has a magnifying glass that will allow you to catch and remove even the smallest enemies. You don't need a special app, Bluetooth connection or WiFi- now anyone can take care of their skin!

Magnifying glass

The device is equipped with a high-end magnifying glass that allows you to see all the impurities and effectively get rid of them Say goodbye to skin problems once and for all!

Silicone suction head

The equipment is equipped with silicone suction heads that effectively remove blackheads without causing pain and damage to your skin. The product offers 3 levels of suction - 45Kpa, 50Kpa, 55Kpa. The set includes 3 suction tips - Small and large round and oval head. The equipment is very easy to use, so surely every user can handle it.

Satisfies your needs

Before each use, cleanse your face thoroughly and make compresses with a warm towel, which will help to open your pores.After the treatment is done, don't forget to moisturize properly! You will see results after just a few uses. Anlan ALTHY10-02 device should be in every home!

Thorough cleansing of the skin

Negative pressure and 3D suction technology make the vacuum effectively remove blackheads and other impurities. It penetrates the dermis, tightens pores and gives the skin a youthful appearance. At the same time, it is safe and does not irritate the skin.


  • Whisker extractor
  • Protective case
  • User manual
  • Cable
  • 3x silicone heads
Name Vacuum cleaner for blackheads and whiteheads with magnifying glass
Model ANLAN ALTHY10-02
Dimensions171 x 48 x 43.7 mm
Weight approximately 111 g
Material ABS, silicone
Power 2.5 W
Suction force45Kpa, 50Kpa, 55Kpa
Operating time 5 minutes
Battery capacity450mAh
Charging USB
Charging time2 h

Gyártói cikkszám:
231 g/db.